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FY 2008 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Drug Free Communities Support Program

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
2 SP010802-06 FAMILY SERVICE OF ROANOKE VALLEY Roanoke VA Hartman Cheryl $125,000
2 SP010807-06 HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM INITIATIVES Tallahassee FL Sutherland Mary $125,000
2 SP011834-06 S W MISSISSIPPI RURAL HLTH COALITION Tylertown MS Johnson Joseph $125,000
2 SP012277-06 SCHOOL DIST 5/LEXINGTON & RICHLAND CNTY Irmo SC Boone Mark $124,993
2 SP012281-06 HELENA SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 1 Helena MT Furshong Joseph $125,000
2 SP012284-06 GREENVILLE FAMILY PARTNERSHIP Greenville SC Reeves Carol $125,000
2 SP012288-06 GIRLS INC. OF LYNN Lynn MA Dhingra Catherine $125,000
2 SP012290-06 TOWN OF BROOKLINE Brookline MA Minott Mary $124,928
2 SP012307-06 SAN DIEGUITO ALLIANCE FOR DRUG FREE YTH Del Mar CA Strang Judith $125,000
2 SP012308-06 ADAMS COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Quincy IL Shepard Julie $125,000
2 SP012310-06 FIVE MOUNTAINS HAWAII Kamuela HI Seurynck Laura $125,000
2 SP012314-06 HAMILTON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Jasper FL McDonald Grace $125,000
2 SP012316-06 NORTH COUNTRY HEALTH CONSORTIUM Whitefield NH Herres Valerie $125,000
2 SP012319-06 COMMUNITIES FOR ALC/DRUG FREE YOUTH Plymouth NH Naro Debra $125,000
2 SP012334-06 GRIDLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Gridley CA Kershaw Cindy $125,000
2 SP012341-06 WASHINGTON CENTRAL FRIENDS OF EDUCATION Montpelier VT Martin Kim $125,000
2 SP012345-06 ALCOHOL/SUBS ABUSE PREV CNCL SARATOGA Saratoga Springs NY Cary Maureen $125,000
2 SP012346-06 LONG BEACH MEDICAL CENTER Long Beach NY Hincken Patricia $125,000
2 SP012347-06 COUNTY OF WYOMING Warsaw NY McClurg Judy $125,000
2 SP012348-06 ARCHDIOCESE DRUG ABUSE/PREV PROGRAM Bronx NY Bliss Janit $125,000
2 SP012350-06 CITY OF MOUNT VERNON Mount Vernon NY Jackson Daniella $125,000
2 SP012352-06 COUNTY OF BROOME Binghamton NY Kmetz Melinda $125,000
2 SP012354-06 CITY OF SPARTANBURG Spartanburg SC Lipscomb Joyce $125,000
2 SP012355-06 RENSSELAER COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH DEPT Troy NY Brennan Margaret $125,000
2 SP012357-06 EAST TEXAS CNCL ON ALC AND DRUG ABUSE Longview TX Martin Carolyn $125,000
2 SP012361-06 ANDERSON VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Boonville CA Schenck Colleen $125,000
2 SP012364-06 SHERIDAN COUNTY YOUTH ACTION COUNCIL Plentywood MT Nielsen Lureta $120,101
2 SP012369-06 SAN LUIS VALLEY COMP CMTY MTL HLTH CTR Alamosa CO Woodworth Clarissa $125,000
2 SP012373-06 MADISON COUNTY COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM Canastota NY Campanie Maureen $125,000
2 SP012374-06 GENESEE COUNCIL ON ALC/SUBTANCE ABUSE Batavia NY Bowman Maryann $125,000
2 SP012377-06 SUITLAND FAMILY LIFE/DEVELOPMENT CORP Lanham MD Quinton Sylvia $125,000
2 SP012380-06 WOODSTOCK COMMUNITY UNIT SCHOOL DIST 200 Woodstock IL Oslovich George $125,000
2 SP012383-06 CALLOWAY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Murray KY Kraemer Dottie $125,000
2 SP012387-06 WASHINGTON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Springfield KY Frye Issac $125,000
2 SP012390-06 CITY OF BARDSTOWN Bardstown KY Luckett Tonda $125,000
2 SP012395-06 CASTRO VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Castro Valley CA Cross Traci $125,000
2 SP012398-06 HUNTSVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT Huntsville AR Daehn Deven $124,538
2 SP012409-06 COUNTY OF MC LEOD Glencoe MN Johnson Jean $125,000
2 SP012410-06 SUBSTANCE ABUSE INITIATIVE/GREATER CLE Cleveland OH McCain Richard $125,000
2 SP012412-06 COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH AFFILIATES, INC. Bristol CT LaRosa Joseph $125,000
2 SP012413-06 SANGAMON-MENARD ALCOHOLISM AND DRUGS CN Springfield IL Grenko Michelle $111,426
2 SP012420-06 COUNTY OF HOOD RIVER Hood River OR Yasui Maija $125,000
2 SP012422-06 WINSTON AREA COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP Winston OR Cline Linda $125,000
2 SP012426-06 INFORMED FAMILIES/FLA FAM PARTNERSHIP Miami FL Arceo Marisol $125,000
2 SP012432-06 COUNTY OF POLK Crookston MN Johnson D' Anne $125,000
2 SP012433-06 CITY OF SALT LAKE Salt Lake City UT Vianes Abbie $125,000
2 SP012439-06 BUCKS CNTY CNCL/ALCOHLSM & DRG DEPENDNCE Doylestown PA Haberle Beverly $125,000
2 SP012441-06 COUNTY OF LAKE Leadville CO Fletcher Tracie $125,000
2 SP012442-06 COUNTY OF CHAFFEE Salida CO Christiansen Robert $125,000
2 SP012445-06 CGA, INC. Casa Grande AZ Schaider Cynthia $125,000
2 SP012448-06 LAUNCH, INC. Jackson OH Schilling Mary Elizabeth $125,000
2 SP012451-06 PORTLAND NOW, INC. Louisville KY McComb Jacqueline $125,000
2 SP012452-06 CITY OF CARTER LAKE Carter Lake IA Thurber Keellia $125,000
2 SP012453-06 CHICANOS POR LA CAUSA, INC. Phoenix AZ Parra Maria $125,000
2 SP012461-06 CLACKAMAS COUNTY CHILDREN'S COMMISSION Oregon City OR Cook Rodney $125,000
2 SP012462-06 COUNTY OF JACKSON Black River Falls WI Hodge Lisa $98,943
2 SP014183-06 WAHKIAKUM COUNTY COMMUNITY NETWORK Cathlamet WA Sealund Lia $125,000
1 SP014607-01 TOWN OF FALMOUTH Falmouth MA Cardeira Karen $125,000
1 SP014608-01 HALL COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Gainesville GA Parks Mary $125,000
1 SP014609-01 HUMAN SERVICES, INC. Oakdale MN Vrieze Sheri $125,000
1 SP014612-01 PREVENTION FIRST, INC Ocean NJ Kinelski Marilyn $125,000
2 SP014613-06 COUNTY OF BENTON Corvallis OR Miller JoAnn $125,000
2 SP014619-06 FRONTIER HEALTH Gray TN Benedetto Kathy $125,000
1 SP014622-01 UPPER CLEARWATER COMMUNITY FDN, INC. Kamiah ID Jackson Vickie $125,000
1 SP014624-01 SALESIAN BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF LA Los Angeles CA Guerra Juan $125,000
2 SP014625-06 COMMUNITY HEALTH PROGRAM, INC. Great Barrington MA Savage Marcia $125,000
1 SP014628-01 COMMUNITY PREV RESOURCES OF WARREN CTY Washington NJ Bloodgood Janet $125,000
1 SP014629-01 CROZER-CHESTER MEDICAL CENTER Upland PA Blackburn Kate $125,000
1 SP014637-01 WAUKESHA CTY UNIV OF WISCONSIN EXTENSION Waukesha WI Jante Marcia $125,000
2 SP014638-06 CITY OF BLOOMINGTON Bloomington MN O'Connell Eileen $125,000
2 SP014640-06 OHIO COUNTY TOGETHER WE CARE COALITION Beaver Dam KY Barnard Sheila $125,000
2 SP014641-06 COMPASS HEALTH CARE, INC. Tucson AZ Bass Amy $125,000
1 SP014643-01 MONROE COUNTY HEALTH COUNCIL Madisonville TN Williford Patty $112,623
1 SP014644-01 BAY AREA COUNCIL ON DRUG & ALCOHOL, INC. Houston TX Allen Kristi $125,000
1 SP014647-01 WYANDANCH UNION FREE SCHOOL DISTRICT Wyandanch NY Jones Mary $125,000
1 SP014651-01 FIVE SANDOVAL INDIAN PUEBLOS, INC. Bernalillo NM Garcia Melinda $111,413
2 SP014652-06 KIDS FIRST OF RAVALLI COUNTY Hamilton MT Santamaria Ari $116,701
1 SP014657-01 LAKE MILLS COMMUNITY SCHOOL Lake Mills IA Ringham Rachel $98,648
1 SP014658-01 BUTTE-SILVER BOW CITY COUNTY Butte MT Haffey Dan $125,000
1 SP014659-01 CITY OF MERIDIAN Meridian ID Murdoch Brenda $124,634
1 SP014663-01 GILL-MONTAGUE REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT Turners Falls MA Laufer George $125,000
1 SP014666-01 HILLSBORO SCHOOL DISTRICT Hillsboro OR Northfield Tracy $125,000
2 SP014667-06 MARSHFIELD CLINIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION Marshfield WI Kolpelke Ronda $125,000
1 SP014669-01 CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL MED CTR (CINCINNATI) Cincinnati OH Polk Marsha $123,330
1 SP014676-01 COUNTY OF DUKES COUNTY Edgartown MA Manning Theresa $125,000
1 SP014679-01 GREATER PHILADELPHIA URBAN AFFAIRS COAL Philadelphia PA Rogers Anita $125,000
1 SP014681-01 BULLITT COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Shepherdsville KY Browne Cynthia $106,632
1 SP014683-01 WADENA COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH Wadena MN Pederson Cindy $125,000
1 SP014684-01 KITSAP COUNTY HEALTH DISTRICT Bremerton WA Lindquist Scott $125,000
1 SP014688-01 MARSHALL COUNTY FAMILY RESOURCE NETWORK Moundsville WV Dei Stacie $125,000
1 SP014689-01 SACRAMENTO MUTUAL HOUSING ASSOCIATIONI Sacramento CA Kitagawa Brandon $125,000
2 SP014691-06 SOCIAL ADVOCATES FOR YOUTH San Diego CA Carr Michael $124,812
1 SP014692-01 TOWN OF DANVERS Danvers MA Nihan Gary $124,805
1 SP014693-01 ALCOHOL & DRUG ADD SRVS BD OF LORAIN CTY Lorain OH Georgas Elaine $83,450
1 SP014694-01 NORTHEASTERN WISCONSIN AREA HLTH EDU CTR Manitowoc WI Schaller Martin $125,000
1 SP014695-01 OWSLEY COUNTY ACTION TEAM Booneville KY Turner Molly $125,000
1 SP014699-01 WINNEBAGO COUNTY DRUG FREE COALITION Winnebago WI Dieringer Emily $124,198
1 SP014700-01 WASHINGTON DRUG & ALCOHOL COMMISSION Washington PA Murphy Donna $125,000
2 SP014702-06 WEST ISLIP SCHOOL DISTRICT West Islip NY Mullins John $125,000
1 SP014703-01 CHILDHOOD EDUC COALITION OF CHESTER CTY Exton PA Valocchi Christina $125,000
1 SP014705-01 TOWN OF PELHAM Pelham NY Jablonksi Valerie $125,000
1 SP014706-01 TROUP FAMILY CONNECTION AUTHORITY LaGrange GA Eatman Jack $125,000
1 SP014711-01 MONROE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Tompkinsville KY Thompson Dyshel $100,000
1 SP014715-01 WALKER RIVER PAIUTE TRIBE Schurz NV McDonald Donna $125,000
1 SP014719-01 LINCOLN COMMISSION ON CHILDREN/FAMILIES Newport OR Dougherty Barbara $125,000
1 SP014723-01 HOWARD UNIVERSITY Washington DC Oyemade-Bailey Ura $124,758
1 SP014724-01 PREVENTION PLUS OF BURLINGTON COUNTY Lumberton NJ Starn Donald $125,000
1 SP014727-01 YORK COUNTY CNCL ON ALCOHOL & DRUG ABUSE Rock Hill SC Pickering Felicia $125,000
1 SP014729-01 MANHASSET CMTY COALN AGAINST SUBS ABUSE Manhasset NY Schlereth Karin $125,000
1 SP014730-01 NATL CNCL/ALCO/OTHER DRUG DEP/PUTMAN CTY Carmel NY Cafiero Kristin $125,000
1 SP014731-01 CMITY ANTI-DRUG COALITION OF JACKSON CTY Cookeville TN Burleigh Michael $125,000
1 SP014732-01 PLYMOUTH BOARD OF EDUCATION Terryville CT Distasio Anthony $100,000
1 SP014734-01 CHARACTER KIDS COAL-CMTY FDN/SOUTHERN NM Las Cruces NM Ramirez Larry $125,000
1 SP014736-01 SHELBY CTY DRUG/ALCOHOL ADVISORY COUNCIL Shelbyville KY Graney Patrick $125,000
1 SP014737-01 HERNANDO CTY COMMUNITY ANTI-DRUG COALITN Spring Hill FL Hammond Lisa $125,000
2 SP014738-06 COMMUNITY ACTION PARTNERSHIP Dickinson ND Byzewski Becky $125,000
1 SP014739-01 TOWN OF WINDHAM Willimantic CT Ortiz Ray $125,000
1 SP014740-01 BESTCARE TREATMENT SERVICES, INC. Madras OR Puckett Mandi $118,037
1 SP014741-01 WAYLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Wayland MA Dodyk Marlene $125,000
1 SP014742-01 GARRETT COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Oakland MD Brady Nancy $125,000
1 SP014744-01 AREA SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNCIL Cedar Rapids IA Walker Melissa $125,000
2 SP014746-06 COUNTY OF SONOMA Santa Rosa CA Scardaci Rita $125,000
2 SP014748-06 AMADOR-TUOLUMME COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY Jackson CA Monaco Shana $125,000
2 SP014750-06 CITIZENS AGAINST SUBSTANCE ABUSE Flagstaff AZ Leto Connie $125,000
1 SP014753-01 ALCOHOL/DRUG ABUSE COUNCIL/CONCHO VALLEY San Angelo TX Alonso Julie $125,000
1 SP014755-01 COAL/ALC & DRG FREE TEENAGERS/CH/CARRBOR Chapel Hill NC Pratt-Wilson Dale $125,000
1 SP014757-01 SWANTON AREA COMMUNITY COALITION Swanton OH Wegener Heather $125,000
2 SP014758-06 CITY OF MOUNTLAKE TERRACE Mountlake Terrace WA Teverbaugh Jim $125,000
1 SP014762-01 FAMILY SERVICES OF WESTCHESTER, INC. Port Chester NY Leffler Marjorie $125,000
1 SP014763-01 CITY OF WAYNESBORO VIRGINIA Waynesboro VA Blair Carol $125,000
1 SP014775-01 ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF CTY COMMISSIONERS Orlando FL Burkett Carol $125,000
1 SP014778-01 TACOMA TRAUMA TRUST Tacoma WA Morris Carolynn $124,231
1 SP014782-01 WHITE MOUNTAIN REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Springerville AZ Zimmerman Michael $125,000
2 SP014783-06 COALITION OF BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES Houston TX Olson Sandra $125,000
2 SP014785-06 CENTRAL KANSAS FDN/ALC/CHEM DEPENDENCY Salina KS Haaga Brenda $97,418
2 SP014787-06 COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS, INC. Bluefield WV Orren Jennifer $125,000
1 SP014788-01 SOUTH COUNTY COLLABORATIVE San Martin CA Campeau Dina $124,890
1 SP014789-01 HOUSATONIC/VLLY/COALIT/AGNST/SUBST/ABUSE Bethel CT Fulton Allison $125,000
2 SP014791-06 CORBIN INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS Corbin KY Daniels Mark $125,000
1 SP014792-01 SHELBY COUNTY DRUG FREE COALITION Shelbyville IN Larrison Amy $125,000
1 SP014793-01 COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAMS, INC. Santa Ana CA Gleason Daniel $125,000
1 SP014795-01 FAIRFIELD CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Fairfield OH Van Oflen Pat $125,000
2 SP014796-06 FAMILY CONNECTION, INC. Alabaster AL Johnson Susan $103,047
1 SP014797-01 NORTH MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER Robbinsdale MN Pence Allison $125,000
1 SP014800-01 ARMSTRONG-INDIANA DRUG & ALCOHOL CM, INC Shelocta PA Anderson Kami $125,000
1 SP014801-01 COUNTY OF HARNEY Burns OR Labhart Thaddeus $125,000
1 SP014804-01 NORTHERN OHIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATION, INC. Cleveland OH Bertrand Anita $125,000
1 SP014805-01 ROCKBRIDGE AREA COMMUNITY SERVICES Lexington VA Morgan Wendy $125,000
1 SP014806-01 BRYAN COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Pembroke GA Jennings Tara $124,981
1 SP014809-01 TOWN OF WATERFORD Waterford CT Radway Susan $125,000
1 SP014811-01 UNITED WAY OF THE BROWN COUNTY AREA, INC New Ulm MN Makepeace Anne $125,000
1 SP014815-01 ALEXANDRIA COMMUNITY SERVICE BOARD Alexandria VA Bassing Tricia $120,586
2 SP014816-06 TAYLOR COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT Campbellsville KY Hayes Karen $125,000
2 SP014818-06 COUNCIL ON SUBSTANCE ABUSE-NCADD Montgomery AL Hunt Kwantasian $125,000
2 SP014820-06 HEALTHY COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE South Bend IN Baker Beth $125,000
1 SP014822-01 SUN STREET CENTERS Salinas CA Foglia Anna $125,000
2 SP014825-06 CHESTNUT HEALTH SYSTEMS, INC. Maryville IL Schram Jean $124,000
2 SP014836-06 PATHWAYS, INC. Ashland KY Nunley Veronica $125,000
1 SP014840-01 TOWN OF BARRINGTON Barrington RI Sullivan Kathleen $124,131
1 SP014848-01 COUNCIL/ALC/SUBS ABUSE/LIVINGSTON CO INC Geneseo NY Pena Rachel $124,801
1 SP014853-01 YOUR HUMAN RESOURCE CENTER Millersburg OH Zeh Robert $123,979
1 SP014854-01 COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE COUNCIL, INC Kansas City MO Anderson Deidre $124,984
1 SP014859-01 INITIATIVES FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Cranston RI Devaney Nancy $123,336
1 SP014861-01 FREEBORN COUNTY DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES Albert Lea MN Englin Alice $125,000
2 SP014862-06 SUBSTANCE ABUSE CNCL/HAM/FUL/MONT CNTIES Johnstown NY Truckenmiller Rachel $125,000
1 SP014863-01 DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Arlington MA Connolly Christine $125,000
2 SP014865-06 ROGERS DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, INC. Rogers AR Cuddy Megan $122,434
1 SP014867-01 HORIZON SERVICES, INC. Hayword CA Pratt Linda $125,000
1 SP014868-01 TOWN OF MADISON Madison CT Melillo David $125,000
1 SP014874-01 COUNTY OF RICE Faribault MN Sandberg Katherine $124,961
2 SP014877-06 ALASKA COUNCIL OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS Juneau AK Tonsmeier Kelly $115,000
1 SP014885-01 BROWNSBURG COMMUNITY SCHOOL CORPORATION Brownsburg IN Belch Maureen $124,949
1 SP014887-01 COALITION FOR A DRUG-FREE HAWAII Honolulu HI Kameoka Cheryl $125,000
1 SP014896-01 FIVE TOWN COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT Camden ME Dutton Dalene $125,000
1 SP014898-01 CITY OF GARDEN CITY Garden City MI Nicholas Susan $125,000
1 SP014900-01 HIGHER DIMENSION CHURCH Houston TX Johnson Terrance $125,000
1 SP014902-01 KENT CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT Kent WA Judd Stacy $80,150
1 SP014904-01 LOGAN COUNTY EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER Bellefontaine OH Haver Angela $125,000
1 SP014907-01 MINNETONKA PUBLIC SCHOOLS Minnetonka MN Davis Imogen $125,000
2 SP014911-06 PATHWAYS, MI Holland MI Bos Joyce $91,827
2 SP014917-06 RICHLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE Decatur IL Stivers Renee $125,000
1 SP014918-01 SAN JUAN SAFE COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE Farmington NM Darnell Dan $110,532
1 SP014921-01 SOLANO COUNTY HEALTH/SOCIAL SERVS DEPT Fairfield CA Royer Del $125,000
1 SP014924-01 TATUA SOMOA ASSOCIATION Pago Pago AS Maiava Tuu $125,000
1 SP014926-01 TRI-TOWN ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COMMITTEE Johnston RI Dowlatshahi Brenda $125,000
1 SP014927-01 UNITED WAY OF MONROE COUNTY, INC. Monroe MI Pierce Sandie $125,000
2 SP014928-06 YOUTH AND SHELTER SERVICES, INC. Ames IA Bugg Gerri $125,000
2 SP014929-06 YAKUTAT TLINGIT TRIBE Yakutat AK Lekanof Rochelle $123,628
1 SP014931-01 COUNCIL ON SUBSTANCE ABUSE PREVENTION Koror PW Kesolei Katherine $125,000
1 SP014932-01 SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Seattle WA Conroy Robert $125,000
1 SP014934-01 NORTHERN STRAFFORD CNTY/HLTH/SAFE/COUNCI Rochester NH Bandera Nicole $124,816
1 SP014938-01 CITY OF VERNONIA Vernonia OR Dale Jill $125,000
2 SP014939-06 MILTON COMMUNITY YOUTH COALITION, INC. Milton VT Milton Terry $125,000
1 SP015010-01 COMMUNITY ACTION OF ORLEANS AND GENESEE Albion NY Fancher Edward $125,000
2 SP015543-06 CLINTON SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNCIL Clinton IA Clark Derek $124,998

Last updated: 12/12/2008