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FY 2009 SAMHSA Grant Awards

National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative Cat 3

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 SM059457-01 HEARTLAND HEALTH OUTREACH Chicago IL Batia Karen $400,000
1 SM059460-01 INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH AND RECOVERY Cambridge MA Finkelstein Norma $400,000
1 SM059463-01 FAMILY AND CHILDREN'S SERVICE, INC. Tulsa OK Marsh Christine $400,000
1 SM059467-01 CHILD AND PARENT SUPPORT SERVICES, INC. Durham NC Murphy Robert $398,963
1 SM059472-01 BAYSTATE MEDICAL CENTER Hampden MA Boos Stephen $334,744
1 SM059473-01 NATIVE AMERICAN HEALTH CENTER, INC. Oakland CA King Janet $400,000
1 SM059479-01 LUK CRISIS CENTER Fitchburg MA Hamolsky David $400,000
1 SM059480-01 DEE NORTON LOWCOUNTRY CHILDREN'S CENTER Charleston SC Ralston Elizabeth $392,265
1 SM059489-01 CHILDREN'S CENTER Salt Lake City UT Temme Katina $398,381
1 SM059492-01 VERMONT STATE DEPT OF HEALTH Burlington VT Biss Charlie $396,999
1 SM059539-01 PARSONS CHILD AND FAMILY CENTER Albany NY Kagan Richard $399,979
1 SM059569-01 BETH ISRAEL MEDICAL CTR (NEW YORK) New York NY Ham Jacob $395,788
1 SM059574-01 COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY-FORT COLLINS Fort Collins CO Valentine Deborah $399,253
1 SM059584-01 UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER Rochester NY Manly Jody $399,990
1 SM059591-01 YOUTH NETWORK COUNCIL OF CHICAGO Chicago IL Milosevich Shelley $400,000
1 SM059596-01 RESEARCH INST NATIONWIDE CHILDREN'S HOSP Columbus OH Stevens Jack $400,000
1 SM059620-01 CATHOLIC CHARITIES HAWAII Honolulu HI Drews David $400,000
1 SM059629-01 COLORADO STATE JUDICIAL BRANCH Denver CO Rajaee-Moore Lilas $394,816
1 SM059640-01 CHILDREN'S RESEARCH TRIANGLE Chicago IL Schwartz Linda $398,840
1 SM059645-01 SAINT VINCENT CATHOLIC MED CTRS OF NY New York NY Patterson Carol $400,000
1 SM059647-01 FAMILY SERVICE OF RHODE ISLAND, INC. Providence RI Erstling Susan $399,789
2 SM056177-05 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA TWIN CITIES Minneapolis MN Gewirtz Abigail $400,000
2 SM057247-05 CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES Los Angeles CA Schneir Arlene $400,000
2 SM057250-05 SERVING CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS IN NEED Laredo TX Flores Luis $400,000
2 SM057257-05 LA RABIDA CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL & RES CTR Chicago IL Stolbach Brad $400,000
2 SM057261-05 DARTMOUTH COLLEGE Hanover NH Rosenberg Stanley $393,043

Last updated: 10/28/2009