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FY 2009 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Supplement - State Data Infrastructure Grant

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
3 SM058067-03-1 NEW JERSEY DIVISION OF MENTAL HEALTH SVC Trenton NJ Migliorino Donna $12,500
3 SM058070-03-1 INDIANA STATE DIVISION OF MENTLĀ  HLTH/AD Indianapolis IN Lummus Sue $12,480
3 SM058081-03-1 WYOMING STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Cheyenne WY Storey Mariah $12,500
3 SM058084-03-1 MAINE STATE DEPT/MH/MTL RET/SUB ABU SRVS Augusta ME Yoe James $12,500
3 SM058093-03-1 HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Honolulu HI Gross Philippe $12,500
3 SM058111-03-1 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH Washington DC Dunston Patricia $12,500
3 SM058119-03-2 MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPT OF MTL HLTH Jackson MS Smith Jan $12,500
3 SM058122-03-1 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH Columbia SC Sparks Ellen $12,500

Last updated: 10/28/2009