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FY 2009 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Adolescent Treatment

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 TI020759-01 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ALCOHOL/DRUG PROGS Downey CA Varela Martha $300,000
1 TI020781-01 CENTER FOR DRUG-FREE LIVING, INC. Orlando FL Scopino Cass $300,000
1 TI020798-01 VILLAGE SOUTH, INC. Miami FL Rogers Catherine $202,674
1 TI020806-01 UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE KNOXVILLE Knoxville TN Wodarski John $299,928
1 TI020827-01 ODYSSEY HOUSE, INC. New York NY Mattina Dominick $298,057
1 TI020828-01 SWLA CENTER FOR HEALTH SERVICE Lake Charles LA Taylor Eric $300,000
1 TI020847-01 KING COUNTY DEPT OF CMTY & HUMAN SRVS Seattle WA Vollendroff Jim $300,000
1 TI020848-01 INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH AND RECOVERY Cambridge MA Finkelstein Norma $300,000
1 TI020849-01 SERVING CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS IN NEED Laredo TX Flores Luis $300,000
1 TI020852-01 JOHNSON COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER Mission KS Burks Barbara $300,000
1 TI020865-01 CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES OF NEW HAMP Manchester NH Pepin Amy $297,304
1 TI020870-01 GATEWAY COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC Jacksonville FL Hodgkins Candace $300,000
1 TI020910-01 COLORADO STATE JUDICIAL BRANCH Denver CO Marroney Gerald $299,694
1 TI020946-01 NORTHERN OHIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATION, INC. Cleveland OH Bertrand Anita $300,000

Last updated: 10/28/2009