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FY 2010 RFA Grant Application Information (RFA)

Application Information Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)

Request for Applications (RFA)

National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers
(Short Title: Consumer and Consumer Supporter TA Centers)

The application deadline has been extended to Feb 24, 2010

(Initial Announcement)


Request for Applications (RFA) No. SM-10-008
Posting on January 4, 2010
Original Receipt date: February 19, 2010
Extended Receipt date: February 24, 2010
Announcement Type: Initial

Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) No
.: 93.243

Key Dates:

Application Deadline

Applications are due by February 19, 2010

Intergovernmental Review
(E.O. 12372)

Applicants must comply with E.O. 12372 if their State(s) participates.  Review process recommendations from the State Single Point of Contact (SPOC) are due no later than 60 days after application deadline.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services is accepting applications for fiscal year (FY) 2010 National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers (Consumer and Consumer Supporter TA Centers) grants.  The purpose of this program is to provide technical assistance to facilitate the restructuring of the mental health system by promoting consumer directed approaches for adults with serious mental illnesses. Such programs maximize consumer self-determination and recovery and assist people with serious mental illness by decreasing their dependence on expensive social services and avoiding psychiatric hospitalization.  The entities responsible for providing technical assistance for this program may be either consumer or consumer supporter organizations. (See Appendix H of this RFA for definition) 

The primary recipients of the Consumer and Consumer Supporter TA Centers’ technical assistance activities will be consumers and consumer organizations.  Additionally, Consumer and Consumer Supporter TA Centers will provide technical assistance to consumers in States where consumer organizations and leadership are underdeveloped.  They will also provide technical assistance to State mental health systems serving adults with serious mental illnesses, to consumer supporter organizations, service providers, and the general public.  Technical assistance activities will not be limited to specific subpopulations of adults with serious mental illnesses.

National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers is one of SAMHSA’s infrastructure grant programs.  SAMHSA’s Infrastructure Grants support an array of activities to help the grantee build a solid foundation for delivering and sustaining effective mental health services.  SAMHSA recognizes that each applicant will start from a unique point in developing infrastructure and will serve populations/communities with specific needs.  Awardees may pursue diverse strategies and methods to achieve their infrastructure development and capacity expansion goals.  Successful applicants will provide a coherent and detailed conceptual “roadmap” of the process by which they have assessed or intend to assess service system needs and plan/implement infrastructure development strategies that meet those needs.  The plan put forward in the grant application must show the linkages among needs, the proposed infrastructure development strategy, and increased system capacity that will enhance and sustain effective programs and services. 

As of February 2009, approximately 1.89 million men and women have been deployed to serve in support of overseas contingency operations, including Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).  Individuals returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are at increased risk for suffering post-traumatic stress and other related disorders.  Experts estimate that up to one-third of returning veterans will need mental health and/or substance abuse treatment and related services.  In addition, the family members of returning veterans have an increased need for related support services.  To address these concerns, SAMHSA strongly encourages all applicants to consider the unique needs of returning veterans and their families in developing their proposed project.

National Consumer and Consumer Supporter Technical Assistance Centers grants are authorized under 520 A of the Public Health Service Act, as amended.  This announcement addresses Healthy People 2010 focus area 18 (Mental Health and Mental Disorders).


Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are domestic public and private nonprofit entities, including faith-based organizations, which meet the criteria for consumer or consumer supporter organizations (see Appendix H of this RFA  for the definition of terms) and the following requirements:

  • Applicant organizations must have been in operation for a minimum of one year.

  • An applicant must complete the Certification of Consumer and Consumer Supporter Organization Eligibility (see Appendix H of this RFA), indicating that the applicant meets all eligibility requirements.  Applicants must complete and sign a Certification of Eligibility and provide necessary supportive documentation.

  • SAMHSA is limiting eligibility to consumer/consumer supporter organizations consistent with the program’s historical Congressional direction and its basic tenet that empowering consumers facilitates their recovery. These organizations are controlled and managed by consumers/ consumer supporters and are dedicated to the improvement of mental health services.  As such, they are uniquely qualified to assist people with mental disorders to decrease their dependence on expensive social services, avoid psychiatric hospitalization and maximize consumer self determination and recovery.

The statutory authority for this program precludes grants to for-profit organizations.

Award Information

Funding Mechanism:


Anticipated Total Available Funding: $1,777,000 available for awards
Anticipated Number of Awards: 5-3 Consumer Organizations and
2 Consumer Supporter Organizations
Anticipated Award Amount:

Up to $330,000 per year

Length of Project Period: Up to 5 years

Proposed budgets cannot exceed $330,000 in total costs (direct and indirect) in any year of the proposed project.  Annual continuation awards will depend on the availability of funds, grantee progress in meeting project goals and objectives, timely submission of required data and reports, and compliance with all terms and conditions of award.

Contact Information

For questions on program issues, contact:

Risa S. Fox, M.S.
Public Health Advisor
Center for Mental Health Services
1 Choke Cherry Road Room 6-1031
Rockville, MD 20857

For questions on grants management issues, contact:

Gwendolyn Simpson
Office of Program Services, Division of Grants Management     
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
1 Choke Cherry Road
Room 7-1085
Rockville, Maryland 20857
(240) 276-1408

Documents needed to complete a grant application:





Additional Materials

For further information on the forms and the application process, see Useful Information for Applicants

Additional materials available on this website include:


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