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FY 2010 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Adult Treatment Drug Courts

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 TI023055-01 NEW YORK STATE UNIFIED COURT SYSTEM New York NY Magnani Michael $296,332
1 TI023056-01 COUNTY/SAN DIEGO HEALTH / HUMAN SER/AG San Diego CA Bower Susan $325,000
1 TI023060-01 COUNTY OF TRAVIS Austin TX Oshatz Lila $184,878
1 TI023064-01 STONE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT Galena MO Billings Shawn $320,869
1 TI023066-01 MARION COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT Indianapolis IN Yanis Jeffrey $120,000
1 TI023072-01 PARISH OF RAPIDES Alexandria LA Cole Jackie $325,000
1 TI023073-01 JUDICIARY COURTS OF THE STATE OF NEVADA Reno NV Baker Mary $325,000
1 TI023085-01 KENTUCKY STATE ADMINISTRATIVE OFF COURTS Frankfort KY Neal Connie $325,000
1 TI023086-01 CUYAHOGA CNTY DEPT OF JUCTICE AFFAIRS Cleveland OH Peterca Daniel $325,000
1 TI023096-01 MID-SOUTH SUBSTANCE ABUSE COMMISSION East Lansing MI Heise Rose Mary $325,000
1 TI023097-01 THURSTON COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT Olympia WA Goodman Ellen $324,704
1 TI023101-01 COUNTY OF PASCO New Port Richey FL Ardabily Michelle $325,000
1 TI023106-01 COUNTY OF LAKE Waukegan IL Hoem Deborah $208,333
1 TI023107-01 ROCKDALE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Conyers GA Bills Nancy $165,732
1 TI023151-01 SAN FRANCISCO DEPT OF PUBLIC HEALTH San Francisco CA Murdock Craig $325,000
1 TI023152-01 OFFICE OF THE BRONX DISTRICT ATTORNEY Bronx NY Cassetta Irene $325,000
1 TI023165-01 SANTA BARBARA CNTY DEPT ALC/DRG/MH SVCS Santa Barbara CA Gottlieb Nancy $325,000

Last updated: 10/13/2010