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FY 2012 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CSAP / SP-12-004

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 SP019414-01 MISSOURI STATE DEPT OF MENTAL HEALTH Jefferson City MO Stuckenschneider Angela $1,782,791
1 SP019416-01 GEORGIA/BEHAVIORAL/HLTH/ DEVELOP/DISABILI Atlanta GA Fretwell Travis $2,653,278
1 SP019417-01 KANSAS DEPT FOR AGING/DISABILITY SVCS Topeka KS Fischer Sarah $2,674,187
1 SP019418-01 MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPT OF MTL HLTH Jackson MS Winston Melody $2,674,187
1 SP019419-01 INDIANA FAMILY & SOCIAL SERVICES ADMIN Indianapolis IN Olsen Julia $2,674,187
1 SP019420-01 WYOMING STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Cheyenne WY Hotle Randel $1,782,791
1 SP019422-01 MAINE STATE DEPT/HEALTH/HUMAN SERVS Augusta ME Theriault Christine $2,674,101
1 SP019423-01 VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Burlington VT Cimaglio Barbara $3,565,584
1 SP019425-01 NH STATE DEPT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERS Concord NH Morgan Valerie $3,565,584
1 SP019426-01 WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH SERVICES Madison WI Allen Joyce $3,565,584
1 SP019429-01 NEW MEXICO STATE DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES Santa Fe NM Cheman Karen $2,674,187
1 SP019432-01 MASSACHUSETTS STATE DEPT OF PUB HEALTH Boston MA Keel Stefano $3,565,584
1 SP019436-01 KY ST CABINET/HEALTH/FAMILY SERVICES Frankfort KY Smith Connie $2,674,187
1 SP019438-01 DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN AND SOCIAL SERVICES Pago Pago AS Maiava Tuumaufa $1,782,791
1 SP019440-01 MICHIGAN STATE DEPT OF COMMUNITY HEALTH Lansing MI Scott Larry $3,565,584

Last updated: 10/09/2012