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SAMHSA News - January/February 2006, Volume 14, Number 1

The Road Home: Veterans Conference Planned

SAMHSA, in partnership with the Therapeutic Communities of America, will convene a science-based, national conference to address issues facing returning veterans and their families.

"The Road Home: National Behavioral Health Conference on Returning Veterans and Their Families," is scheduled for March 16 to 18 in Washington, DC.

The conference will give Federal, state, public, and private service providers the information and approaches they need to help veterans and their families build resiliency and to prevent and treat complex problems, such as mental disorders (including post-traumatic stress disorder), substance abuse, suicide, and co-occurring disorders.

Participants will include Government agencies at all levels, private sector organizations, primary care providers, community health and prevention specialists, substance abuse and mental health care providers, educators, advocacy groups, policymakers, consumers, veterans, members of tribal communities, and individuals interested in issues facing returning veterans and their families.

To register, visit the SAMHSA Web site at www.samhsa.gov. Phone registration is also available at 1 (866) 277-4772. Early registration is encouraged. End of Article

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SAMHSA News - January/February 2006, Volume 14, Number 1

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