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SAMHSA News - July/August 2006, Volume 14, Number 4

SAMHSA Releases New Spanish-Language Fotonovela

cover of Methactón Para El Cambio, a fotonovela - click to view fotonovelaSAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Treatment has developed a new fotonovela in Spanish for the Hispanic community on finding the motivation to change.

The fotonovela tells the story of Mario, a young Hispanic man who recently immigrated to the United States with his family.

Because of the pressures of leaving his country behind, learning a new language, and trying to fit in, Mario has turned more and more towards drinking as an outlet.

It is not until an alcohol-related accident kills his best friend, injures Mario, and causes his girlfriend to break up with him that Mario is motivated enough to seek professional help.

Thanks to the counseling and his family's support, Mario realizes that he indeed has a problem and is able to make positive changes in his life.

To obtain this publication, contact SAMHSA's National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information at P.O. Box 2345, Rockville, MD 20847-2345. Telephone: 1 (800) 729-6686 (English and Spanish) or 1 (800) 487-4889 (TDD). Ask for NCADI No. PHD1133. End of Article

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SAMHSA News - July/August 2006, Volume 14, Number 4