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SAMHSA News - Volume XI, Number 3, Summer 2003

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SAMHSA Offers Manual for Competitive Grant Applications

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SAMHSA Awards New Grants

American Indian/Alaska Native Community Substance Abuse Treatment Plans

SAMHSA recently announced $1.5 million in grants to help six rural American Indian and Alaska Native communities develop local substance abuse treatment systems. Awards for each community total $250,000 or less for the 18-month project period. Plans covered by the grant include combining substance abuse and related services into a comprehensive p rogram, strategic planning for substance abuse training for youth up to age 25, community-based strategic planning of the delivery of culturally appropriate treatment and related services, development of a traditional substance abuse services model, assessment of community needs and a strategic consensus-based system of care, and identification of gaps in services and creation of a tribal service plan.

Emergency Planning Grants

A total of 35 state governments are recipients of nearly $3.5 million in grants from SAMHSA to develop effective mental health and substance abuse response systems for use in response to both natural and man-made emergencies. (See SAMHSA News, Strengthening States for more details.) End of Article

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Disaster Preparedness: Mental Health & Substance Abuse
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    Rise in Drug-Abuse-Related Narcotic Pain Medications Seen in Emergency Rooms
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  • Emergency Department Mentions of Marijuana Among Patients Age 12 to 17 and Age 18 to 25
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    Minority Fellowship Program Extends Training, Expands Treatment

    Initiative Counters Stigma and Discrimination

    Publications Available on Financing of Mental Health Services

    Disaster Preparedness: Conference Strengthens State Efforts

    Disaster Preparedness: Manual Provides Guidance
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    22 Million Americans Suffer from Substance Dependence or Abuse
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  • Perceived Treatment Need and Efforts To Get Treatment Among Persons Who Needed But Did Not Receive Treatment for Illicit Drugs
  • Co-Occurrence of Serious Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders Among Adults Age 18 or Older

    SAMHSA Offers Manual for Competitive Grant Applications
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  • SAMHSA Awards New Grants

    SAMHSA News

    SAMHSA News - Volume XI, Number 3, Summer 2003