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SAMHSA News - July/August 2008, Volume 16, Number 4

Recovery Month: Communities Gear Up for September Events

Recovery Month is almost here, and communities around the Nation are already gearing up for September’s events.

SAMHSA’s Web site——has a great online kit with suggestions for getting involved and supporting this year’s theme “Join the Voices for Recovery: Real People, Real Recovery.”

With a little planning, your local event can bring together many families, individuals in recovery, and the community at large, to support recovery. You can post a local event on the Recovery Month Web site or check for scheduled events in your area.

High-visibility approaches include the following:

  • Arrange for a public service announcement (PSA) to air on your local television or radio station.

  • Have your mayor, city council member, or county commissioner issue a Recovery Month proclamation.

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New PSAs for Television, Radio

Six PSAs are available for viewing and downloading on the Recovery Month Web site.

  • “Lock and Key.” The scene opens with a man in chains. A voice-over explains that “for every lock, there’s a key. And if you have a problem, it’s good to know there are real solutions to help get you free.”

  • “Butterfly.” Family members are affected by loved ones who are struggling with addiction. The PSA urges, “Help them find their voice again.”

The PSAs are available in the following languages and formats:

  • English and Spanish

  • 15 or 30 seconds in length

  • Ready to add local information.

To preview all PSAs, visit

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I hereby proclaim the month of September as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month . . .

Officially announce that the month of September is Recovery Month for your town. A proclamation issued by a mayor, governor, or legislative body shows that recovery is a priority for your community. Examples are available on the Web site.

For more updates and information, the latest toolkit, and additional resources, visit

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