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SAMHSA News - July/August 2008, Volume 16, Number 4

Continuing Commitment to a Healthy Future

It has truly been an honor to serve our country as the SAMHSA Administrator.

At SAMHSA, with a vision of “A Life in the Community for Everyone,” our goal is to strengthen communities, reunite families, and improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of individuals. We have a continuing commitment to let the Nation know that substance abuse and mental health issues are treatable, and recovery is the expectation rather than the exception.

Looking to the future, SAMHSA has taken steps to strengthen the behavioral health system. At the same time, we are increasing awareness and the ability of the general health sector to prevent and treat mental and substance use disorders. SAMHSA continues to emphasize collaborative efforts:

  • Across disciplines to create a larger context for the care of the whole person

  • With primary care practitioners and behavioral health providers to look beyond their individual disciplines

  • Among the scientific community and the broader public and between the substance abuse prevention and treatment and mental health service community and consumers.

As a result of these efforts, SAMHSA has helped move the Nation closer to treating substance use and mental disorders with the same urgency as other illnesses.

We are advancing a whole health approach that considers the mental, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, and physical health of an individual as the cornerstone of good public policy.

For the future of this Nation, our work at SAMHSA will continue to be of significant value to our communities, our families, and our friends here and abroad.

As I leave SAMHSA, exciting technological advances are increasing our ability to connect to each other around the country. This issue of SAMHSA News highlights SAMHSA’s Homelessness Resource Center and its new Web 2.0-based virtual community for service providers.

Thank you all for sharing a little piece of SAMHSA history with me and for welcoming me into your lives. I look forward to continuing my service to our great Nation as Health Attaché to the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

Terry L. Cline, Ph.D.
Administrator, SAMHSA

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