SAMHSA State Grant Awards FY 2004

Discretionary Funds in Detail


Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)


Grantee: Dept of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Tamuning, GU
Program: Children's Services SM54487
Congressional District: GU-00
FY 2004 Funding: : $2,500,000
Project Period: 09/30/2002 - 09/29/2008
Through Project "I'Famagu'onta" (our children) Guam plans to develop and implement a child-centered, family- focused system of care that delivers effective, comprehensive, community-based, culturally competent mental health and related services for children/adolescents with serious emotion- al disturbance and their families, and to ensure longitudinal studies of service systems outcomes. Recognizing that children from this population are frequently underserved and in many cases completely unserved, Guam's response is to return to traditional, cultural and family values to empower families and reclaim responsibilities by island leaders. Our community's commitment is to live true to our island heritage of "taking care of our own" and filling gaps by providing supports on island, rather than sending children thousands of miles away to off-island placements or not serving them at all. Banking on strengths and on cultural practices of pooling resources to do what needs to be done, Guam's families, community, service providers, policy makers and federal partners enter into a cooperative agreement to work jointly towards improvement of our children's mental health service delivery system. I'Famagu'onta will be administered by the Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, which will ensure program compliance and attainment of project goals/objectives. The Guam System of Care Council will provide community governance to ensure a community-based, child-centered, family-focused and culturally competent system of care. PROCEED, Guam's family-support organization, will play a key role in reinforcing family involvement and in providing outreach to other families. Core multi-agency partners include Education, Child Welfare, Superior Court, Youth Affairs, Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities, and the University of Guam.
Grantee: Guam Dept of Mental Hlth/Substance Abuse Tamuning, GU
Program: State Mental Health Data Infrastructure Grants SM56612
Congressional District: GU-00
FY 2004 Funding: : $71,100
Project Period: 09/30/2004 - 09/29/2007
This project will continue the State's effort to build infrastructure to collect data and report the remaining Mental Health Block Grant Uniform Reporting System Developmental Measures. Grant efforts will focus on (1) local provider training to improve data quality, (2) implementation of web-based technology using DS2K + data standards to collect, report, and improve accessibility of data, and (3) strengthening internal and external database linkages. Project outcomes will include consistent data definitions, timely capture of data, improved measure of service outcomes and client change, improved data quality, and enhanced ability to analyze and report on developmental measures such as school attendance, school performance, and involvement with the criminal justice system. The project outcomes will be evaluated based on the ability to produce the data required for URS and other desired reporting. The project will also be evaluated in terms of its ability to produce data that is useful to and is used by system stakeholders.
Grantee: Guam Dept of Mental Hlth/Substance Abuse Tamuning, GU
Program: Disaster Relief SM00177
Congressional District: GU-00
FY 2004 Funding: : $580,196
Project Period: 05/16/2003 - 05/15/2004
Super typhoon Pongsona hit Guam on December 9th, 2002, causing widespread and severe damage to businesses, infrastructure, individual homes and communities. The Guam's State Mental Health Project known as 'Partners in Recovery Outreach' or PRO has been working to provide outreach to thousands affected by this disaster. PRO will partner with the Univeristy of Guam's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, who would subcontract with Catholic Social Service and Guma Mami to deliver outreach, individual and group counseling, education, information and referral to people that have been severely impacted by this super typhoon. Several groups will be targeted including the 21 villages that have been most affected, individuals in rural areas, elderly and individuals with disabilities, and First Responders in both the private and public sector.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)


Grantee: Office of the Governor Tamuning, GU
Program: Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grants SP11183
Congressional District: GU-00
FY 2004 Funding: : $996,000
Project Period: 09/30/2004 - 09/29/2009
Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grants (SPF SIG)--Guam The Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grants are used to advance community-based programs for substance abuse prevention, mental health promotion, and mental illness prevention. The SPF SIG implements a five-step process known to promote youth development, reduce risk-taking behaviors, build on assets, and prevent problem behaviors. The five steps are: (1) conduct needs assessments; (2) build state and local capacity; (3) develop a comprehensive strategic plan; (4) implement evidence-based prevention policies, programs and practices; and (5) monitor and evaluate program effectiveness, sustaining what has worked well. These grants will allow the programs to provide leadership, technical support and monitoring to ensure that participating communities are successful. The success of the grants will be measured by specific measurable outcomes, among them: abstinence from drug use and alcohol abuse, reduction in substance abuse-related crime, attainment of employment or enrollment in school, increased stability in family and living conditions, increased access to services, and increased social connectedness. Guam will utilize the grant to develop a substance abuse prevention network that links a state-level advisory committee with community-based prevention mentors. Science -based programs will be adapted and evaluated for local application following the Strategic Prevention Framework process, and will cover the entire Territory of Guam.

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