About SAMHSA Beta

SAMHSA Beta is a part of the consolidation efforts concerning SAMHSA.gov and its various websites.

At SAMHSA, we have spent the past two years working behind the scenes to improve our website as a part of an effort called "Project Evolve". Our improvement efforts are centered around a "customer first" approach. Public participation and collaboration are central to improving the organization of SAMHSA’s website. Much of our recent work focused on understanding how online information should be organized and prioritized, according to you.

How Did We Do This?

We opened our doors and took note of common suggestions, frustrations, and concerns. From there, we identified the top four areas to improve:

  1. Website structure
    Focusing on a topic-based approach (versus the previous SAMHSA organizational approach) better reflects how our audience looks for information.
  2. Updated content
    We are re-evaluating all of our online content to ensure that you are getting the most relevant, useful, and up-to-date information.
  3. New tools and functionality
    Starting with our website’s Search functionality, we are striving to make your experience on SAMHSA Beta a successful, informative, and enjoyable one.
  4. SAMHSA’s new Beta website
    To best capture customer feedback and incorporate it as early as possible into our improvement process, we will be posting new content and functionality to beta.samhsa.gov.

Speak Up! We’re Listening! Speech Bubbles

The foundation of "Project Evolve" is customer feedback. We are committed to hearing your thoughts and finding the best solution. Become part of the SAMHSA Team supporting "Project Evolve" and tell us what you think about SAMHSA Beta today!

Last Updated: 07/05/2013