Interagency Activities

SAMHSA participates in interagency efforts to coordinate programs, share knowledge, and advance behavioral health alongside other national health priorities.

Behavioral Health Coordinating Council (BHCC)

The SAMHSA Administrator and the Assistant Secretary for Health co-chair the Behavioral Health Coordinating Council (BHCC), a coordinating body consisting of HHS Operating Divisions and Staff Divisions that lead and/or manage all of the various mental health and substance use projects and programs. Established in 2010 by the HHS Secretary, the BHCC’s chief goals are to share information and ensure that all behavioral health issues are being handled collaboratively and without duplication of effort across the department.

The BHCC currently has standing sub-committees including:

  • Marijuana Issues
  • Communications
  • Alcohol Addiction Prevention and Treatment
  • Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse
  • Primary and Behavioral Health Integration
  • Serious Mental Illness (SMI) -- in process
  • Trauma and Early Intervention

Ad hoc subcommittees are formed as common behavioral health issues need to be addressed together across HHS.  For example, a workforce subcommittee was formed to look at professional issues within the field. A subcommittee on serious mental illness is being developed for special attention to address policy and services for persons with these disorders.

Last Updated: 09/18/2014