Elements of a Good Data Report

A good evaluation report clearly describes what prevention outcomes were achieved as well as those that were not accomplished. The information in the report should be clear and understandable to those not directly involved with implementing the strategy.

Elements of a good outcomes evaluation report include:

  • Description of program components, implementation setting, and target population
  • Theory of Change or logic model showing expected changes in outcomes
  • Clearly articulated evaluation design and methods
  • Outcomes that are clearly connected to program components
  • Assessment measures used (including why they are valid and reliable measures of outcomes)
  • Appropriate statistical tests applied
  • Statistical significance of tests reported
  • Statistical results and how they were interpreted
  • Qualitative data to support outcomes
  • Limitations of evaluation findings
  • Recommendations for program improvements

Evaluation is Step 5 of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF). Learn more about applying the SPF.

Last Updated: 09/24/2015