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Find grantee stories, tools, videos, and other resources to support your prevention efforts.

Resource Title Description Resource Type Date Added
Trauma Resilience Resources

Find information on agencies, foundations, and other resources that collect data on trauma and resilience.

T/TA Tools 2015
U.S. Virgin Islands Partner with CAPT to Strengthen Local Data Collection Efforts

CAPT training and technical assistance helped the U.S. Virgin Islands strengthen local data collection and use it to address prevention priorities.

Grantee Story 2015
Understanding Cultural Conditions

Access a video of three evaluators discussing the importance of cultural competence in delivering prevention program services.

Video 2012
Understanding Privacy, Protection, and Mandatory Reporting

Find federal resources on data collection efforts that are subject to federal and state privacy, human subjects protection, and mandatory reporting rules.

T/TA Tools 2015
Understanding Social Marketing

Understanding how social marketing works can help you use these techniques to support prevention efforts in your community.

T/TA Tools 2015
Understanding the Connection Between Suicide and Substance Abuse: What the Research Tells Us

This webinar is the first of a two-part series that examines current research findings on the connection between suicide and substance misuse.

Webinar 2014
Using Fear Messages and Scare Tactics in Substance Abuse Prevention Efforts

This document summarizes peer-reviewed research on the use of scare tactics and fear messages in health communications to prevent substance misuse.

T/TA Tools 2015
Using Feasibility Assessment to Inform Prevention Planning

Learn how feasibility assessment helps prevention practitioners choose the program or intervention that best suits their target community.

T/TA Tools 2015
Using Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) to Improve Medical Care

Data sharing initiatives in Washington state led to more effective Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) and improved medical care.

T/TA Tools 2015
Using Process Evaluation to Monitor Program Implementation

Learn how to use process evaluation to determine if an intervention was implemented as planned and successfully reached the target population.

T/TA Tools 2015
Using Strengths to Address Alcohol Abuse and Suicide Among American Indian and Alaska Native Youth

Learn about an effective framework for preventing alcohol use and suicide in Native American youth.

T/TA Tools 2015
Washington State Evaluates the Impact of Liquor Privatization on Youth Substance Use

Washington state is evaluating the public health impact of privatized hard liquor sales, especially on youth alcohol use.

Grantee Story 2015
Washington State Family Policy Council: Shaping Policy to Address Adverse Childhood Experiences

Laura Porter, a prevention leader from Washington State, gives a firsthand account of how policy can be shaped to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Video 2012
What Are Core Components...and Why Do They Matter?

Learn about the core components of evidence-based interventions and programs and why they matter to prevention efforts and outcomes.

T/TA Tools 2015
What Works Clearinghouse

Learn about the What Works Clearinghouse, the Department of Education website that identifies scientific evidence of what works in education.

T/TA Tools 2015
What’s the Prescription? Strategies and Interventions to Prevent the Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs

This webinar is the second of a two-part series that explores the nonmedical use of prescription drugs and the implementation of evidence-based strategies.

Webinar 2013
Wisconsin Partners with Local Businesses to Prevent Substance Misuse

Learn how Wisconsin’s state prevention agencies collaborated with local businesses to help prevent substance misuse.

Grantee Story 2015
Wisconsin Taps Key Leadership to Sustain Prevention Efforts

Learn how Wisconsin tapped local prevention leaders to help sustain its prevention efforts and grow the state’s behavioral health workforce.

Grantee Story 2015
Wyoming Prevention Efforts Show Results

Learn about Wyoming’s history of substance misuse prevention and how it showed results over time.

Grantee Story 2015
Youth Marijuana Use: Consumption, Consequence, and Risk and Protective Factor Data Resources

Find data resources and surveys on youth marijuana use and risk and protective factors.

T/TA Tools 2015