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Resource Title Description Resource Type Date Added
Potential Challenges to Obtaining Useful Data

Learn about the potential challenges to obtaining useful epidemiological and other data during prevention planning.

T/TA Tools 2015
Practitioners Collaborate Across Disciplines to Inform Heroin Policy

Wisconsin is addressing its growing heroin problem through collaborative prevention efforts by using expertise from diverse sectors.

Grantee Story 2015
Preparing Coalitions to Use Environmental Prevention Strategies

Aligning strategies and outcomes are among the key factors that coalitions must consider when preparing to implement environmental prevention strategies.

Video 2012
Preparing Your NREPP Application: Insider Tips

Get insider tips on how to prepare an application for SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

T/TA Tools 2015
Prescription Drug Abuse 2013: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic

Access the report Prescription Drug Abuse 2013: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic to learn about the impacts of U.S. prescription drug misuse and abuse.

T/TA Tools 2015
Prescription Drug Disposal Information

The federal Prescription Drug Disposal Information website contains a variety of fact sheets for consumers as well as practitioners.

T/TA Tools 2015
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: An Assessment of the Evidence for Best Practices

Access a report explaining the role of state prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) and that assesses the evidence for PDMP best practices.

T/TA Tools 2015
Preventing Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders Among Young People

Access a report from the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine that reviews research on behavioral health issues in children and youth.

T/TA Tools 2015
Preventing or Reducing Opioid Abuse and Overdose: Selected Resources

This resource includes tools to support state-level planners in preventing or reducing heroin and other opioid abuse and its consequences.

T/TA Tools 2015
Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace Prescription Drug Abuse Webinar

Access slides from a SAMHSA webinar on prescription drug misuse and abuse in the workplace, which identifies the risk factors for various consumption patterns.

T/TA Tools 2015
Preventing Substance Use Disorders among College and “Non-College” 18- to 25-Year-Olds: Young Adults in the Workplace – Session One

Gain insight into how prevention professionals have collaborated with employers in prevention efforts targeted at working young adults.

Webinar 2015
Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools

SAMHSA has developed a toolkit to help high schools and their partners assess their ability to prevent suicide among students.

T/TA Tools 2015
Preventing Youth Marijuana Use: An Annotated Bibliography, Using Prevention Research to Guide Prevention Practice

This annotated bibliography contains article abstracts and recommended reading to help practitioners prevent youth marijuana use and was developed by CAPT.

T/TA Tools 2015
Prevention Collaboration in Action Toolkit

This CAPT tool showcases stories of how practitioners work together to prevent substance abuse, and 30+ tools and worksheets to help communities collaborate.

T/TA Tools 2016
Prevention Collaboration in Action: CAPT Virtual Guided Tour

This webinar introduced the CAPT’s newest online tool—Prevention Collaboration in Action.

Webinar 2016
Prevention in Alaska: Addressing the Impact of Alcohol Use on Other Areas of Behavioral Health

Alaska prevention official L. Diane Casto discusses the state’s efforts to focus on the behavioral health impacts of alcohol use that are often overlooked.

Video 2012
Prevention in Alaska: Seeing the Whole Picture

Learn how improved data collection in Alaska and a focus on preventing underage drinking and alcohol use disorders are impacting prevention efforts.

Video 2012
Prevention in CNMI: Achieving Cultural Competence in a Small but Diverse Nation

Prevention and epidemiology specialist James Arriola discusses the value of providing culturally competent prevention services in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Video 2012
Prevention in Colorado: The Impact of the Strategic Prevention Framework

Learn how applying SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to assess needs and evaluate outcomes has impacted prevention planning in Colorado.

Video 2012
Prevention in Kentucky: Laying the Foundation for Ongoing Collaboration

Connie Smith, a Kentucky prevention official, describes how the state’s 14 regional prevention centers are working together to reduce underage drinking.

Video 2012