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Challenges Obtaining Useful Data

Learn about the potential challenges to obtaining useful epidemiological and other data during prevention planning.

T/TA Tools 2015
Overview of Evaluation

Evaluation is the systemic collection and analysis of information about interventions to improve effectiveness and guide decisions.

T/TA Tools 2015
Local State Sources Prevention Data

Find local and state sources of prevention data to guide your prevention efforts.

T/TA Tools 2015
Environmental Strategies Guide

Access guidelines for selecting and implementing environmental strategies to prevent and reduce substance misuse.

T/TA Tools 2015
Missouri Targets Prescription Drug Abuse

Missouri is building on lessons learned from previous underage drinking prevention efforts and applying them to prescription drug misuse on college campuses.

Grantee Story 2015
Creating Lasting Family Connections

CAPT TA helped the developer of Creating Lasting Family Connections (CLFC) evaluate why the CLFC programs are so successful.

T/TA Tools 2015
21st Century Partners in Prevention

Learn how state and local government organizations, community groups, and other entities make good partners in substance misuse prevention.

T/TA Tools 2015
Environmental Strategies Online Course

Take an online course that offers an introduction to environmental strategies for reducing youth access to alcohol.

Online Course 2015
Determining Levels of Involvement

The Determining Levels of Involvement table describes four ways in which groups can work together: networking, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration.

T/TA Tools 2015
Five Strategies for Better Webinars

Learn five strategies for delivering engaging and effective webinars, including ways in which you can engage your audience.

T/TA Tools 2015
Prescription Drug Monitoring Improve Care

Data sharing initiatives in Washington state led to more effective Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) and improved medical care.

T/TA Tools 2015
Trauma Resilience Resources

Find information on agencies, foundations, and other resources that collect data on trauma and resilience.

T/TA Tools 2015
Prevention Media Campaigns

Find examples of state and national media campaigns designed to promote behavior change in reducing substance misuse.

T/TA Tools 2015
Resources Prescription Drug Abuse

CAPT offers resources that guidance on how to tailor prevention efforts to fight prescription drug misuse.

Grantee Story 2015
Mentoring Effectiveness

Washington-based mentoring program 4Results accessed CAPT technical assistance to demonstrate its effectiveness and increase its profile.

Grantee Story 2015
Virgin Islands Strengthen Data Collection

CAPT training and technical assistance helped the U.S. Virgin Islands strengthen local data collection and use it to address prevention priorities.

Grantee Story 2015
Skills for Cultural Competency

Find descriptions of key skills that culturally competent professionals have when they apply the five steps of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

T/TA Tools 2015
Contract Supports Epidemiological Workgroups

CAPT and State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroups (SEOW) work together to help practitioners understand and use data in their prevention efforts.

Grantee Story 2015
Readiness Assessments Help Tribal Leaders

Learn how assessing community resources and readiness helped Montana-Wyoming tribal leaders promote prevention services targeting underage drinking.

Grantee Story 2015
If You Find Data Daunting, SAMHSA's CAPT Can Help

Learn how CAPT helps practitioners apply epidemiological and other data sets toward prevention program priorities.

Grantee Story 2015