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Sources of Questionnaires and Questions

Find online sources of questionnaires related to substance use, including target populations, survey source, and topics that the survey questions address.

T/TA Tools 2015
South Carolina Workgroup Supports Local Efforts to Curb Underage Drinking

South Carolina’s Workgroup on Evidence-Based Practice (WEB) helps prevention advocates find and implement evidence-based practices to reduce underage drinking.

Grantee Story 2015
Stages of Community Readiness

Learn the nine states of community readiness for engaging in prevention activities and how each stage can impact program planning.

T/TA Tools 2015
State Approaches to Addressing Drugged Driving

This document offers an overview of how some states are addressing drugged driving through policies, environmental strategies, and other prevention efforts.

T/TA Tools 2015
State-based T/TA Systems Advance Prevention Sustainability

Learn how building state-based training and technical assistance (T/TA) systems advance the sustainability of prevention programs and outcomes.

Grantee Story 2015
State-Based T/TA Systems Advance Prevention Sustainability in New York

Learn how New York successfully delivers training and technical assistance services across a large and diverse state.

Video 2012
Strategies and Interventions to Prevent Youth Marijuana Use

This tool provides summaries of prevention strategies and interventions for reducing youth marijuana use at the state and community levels.

T/TA Tools 2015
Strategies for Conducting Effective Focus Groups

Access guidelines for obtaining the best results with focus groups as part of your prevention planning efforts.

T/TA Tools 2015
Strategies for Working with the Media

Get tips to prepare for interviews with the media when called upon to explain substance use disorders, emerging trends, or prevention efforts.

T/TA Tools 2015
Strategies to Prevent Binge or Heavy Episodic Drinking Among Adolescents and Young Adults: Using Prevention Research to Guide Prevention Practice

Find summaries of studies that address binge and heavy episodic drinking among adolescents and young adults, as well as prevention strategies.

T/TA Tools 2015
Substance Misuse Prevention Media Campaigns

Find examples of state and national media campaigns designed to promote behavior change in reducing substance misuse.

T/TA Tools 2015
SUMN.ORG: Accessing Data the Minnesota Way!

Learn about Minnesota’s public warehouse of substance use data known as

Video 2012
Ten Steps for Developing a Social Marketing Campaign

Following these ten steps helps to ensure your prevention-focused social marketing campaign reaches its intended audience and proves effective.

T/TA Tools 2015
The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Messaging for Substance Misuse Prevention

Learn strategies for developing consistent and effective public health messages for preventing substance misuse.

T/TA Tools 2015
The Mental Health and Substance Use Workforce for Older Adults

Learn about the unique challenges involving in caring for older adults with mental and/or substance use disorders.

T/TA Tools 2015
The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Substance Abuse and Related Behavioral Health Problems

This overview of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study includes findings on the role of ACEs in substance use and related behavioral health problems.

T/TA Tools 2015
Tips and Tools: Reaching and Engaging “Non-College” Young Adults in Prevention Efforts

This CAPT toolkit is designed to help substance misuse prevention practitioners reach and engage with non-college young adults.

T/TA Tools 2015
Tips for Conducting Key Informant Interviews

Find tips for conducting interviews with key informants to help give your conversation direction and make the respondent feel at ease.

T/TA Tools 2015
Tools From Epidemiological Workgroups Help Communities Harness the Power of Data

Learn how resources from state epidemiological workgroups help prevention practitioners apply the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to their efforts.

T/TA Tools 2015
Tools to Assess Community Readiness to Prevent Substance Misuse

This resource provides a list of tools practitioners can use to assess their community’s readiness to address and prioritize those identified needs.

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