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Resource Title Description Resource Type Date Added
Actions to Strengthen Your State Epidemiological Workgroup

This CAPT tool helps states, tribes and jurisdictions create new, or revitalize existing workgroups with an emphasis on sustainability.

T/TA Tools 2015
Addressing the Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs: Unique SPF Challenges (Steps 1-3)

This webinar explored common challenges to implementing SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework to prevent prescription drug use and misuse.

Webinar 2016
Adverse Childhood Experiences: Implications for Transforming Our Systems of Care

Coordinating services is essential to transforming systems of care, particularly those that address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their consequences.

Video 2012
Adverse Childhood Experiences: Risk Factors for Substance Misuse and Mental Health

Learn how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) increase the likelihood for substance misuse and other problems in later life.

Video 2012
Air Force Reserve Command’s Partnership with SAMHSA’s CAPT Yields Long-Term Results

Training Air Force Reserve Command personnel on substance abuse prevention strategies resulted in expanded prevention services and improved sustainability.

Grantee Story 2015
Alaska's SPF SIG Addresses the Behavioral Health Consequences of Underage and Binge Drinking

Learn how Alaska used its SPF SIG grant, and CAPT technical assistance, to address the consequences of underage drinking and binge drinking in the state.

Grantee Story 2015
Aligning Substance Abuse Prevention with Mental Health and Primary Care

Gain strategies for how prevention professionals can work with mental health and primary care providers and raise awareness of why prevention matters.

Video 2012
America’s Young Adults: Special Issue, 2014

This report provides nationwide statistics on traditional milestones of adulthood among young adults such as education, economic circumstances, and health.

T/TA Tools 2015
An Annotated Bibliography of Measurement Compendia

This annotated bibliography provides links to online compilations of reliable, valid, and standard measures of behavioral health indicators and outcomes.

T/TA Tools 2015
Applying the Strategic Prevention Framework and HHS Disparity Impact Measurement Framework to Address Behavioral Health Disparities

This infographic explores ways to address behavioral health disparities at each step of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF).

T/TA Tools 2015
Arizona's Community Data Project Makes Data Accessible

Learn how a database of state and local substance misuse-related data for the state of Arizona was used to guide policy and prevention decisions.

Grantee Story 2015
Assessing Readiness to Use Social Media for Prevention

Use this resource to assess your organization’s readiness to use social media to support your prevention efforts.

T/TA Tools 2015
Basic Epidemiology (2nd Edition)

The second edition of Basic Epidemiology, a World Health Organization publication, provides examples of the uses and applications of epidemiology in public health.

T/TA Tools 2015
Behavioral Health Barometer United States 2013

The Behavioral Health Barometer is a national snapshot of U.S. substance use and mental health data from SAMHSA and its federal partners.

T/TA Tools 2015
Behavioral Health Fact Sheets

This fact sheet from CAPT helps practitioners apply a behavioral health lens to their prevention efforts.

T/TA Tools 2015
Behavioral Health United States 2012

Access SAMHSA’s 2012 report on behavioral health in the United States, which provides national- and state-level statistics on services, costs, and clients.

T/TA Tools 2015
Beyond the Warning Label: Identifying and Prioritizing Risk and Protective Factors for Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs

The Beyond the Warning Label webinar can help you learn how to assess the risk and protective factors for the non-medical use of prescription drugs.

Webinar 2013
Binge Drinking: Terminology and Patterns of Use

Find information on binge drinking terminology and current binge drinking patterns in the United States.

T/TA Tools 2015
Briefing on Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Effectiveness

These materials on prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) effectiveness from Brandeis University's PDMP Center for Excellence incorporate results from research studies, PDMP evaluations, and surveys.

T/TA Tools 2015
Bringing Data to Prevention Planning: State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroups

Learn how state epidemiological outcomes workgroups (SEOWs) identify, analyze, profile, and share data to inform prevention planning.

T/TA Tools 2015