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What is Awareness Day?

Awareness Day began in 2005 as a grassroots effort among SAMHSA-funded system of care communities.

Since its inception, it has served as SAMHSA's key strategy to:

  • raise awareness of the efficacy of community-based mental health services for children, youth, and their families;
  • demonstrate how children's mental health initiatives promote positive youth development, recovery, and resilience; and
  • show how children and youth with mental health needs thrive in their communities.

As a result of Awareness Day collaborations, the system of care communities have reported development of new and strengthening of existing collaborations leading to greater opportunities for long-term sustainability. The chart below illustrates an increase in the number of Federal partners and collaborating organizations since 2005.

Graph displaying increase in number of Federal partners and collaborating organizations since 2005

Text description of this chart is available on a separate page.

The national focus for Awareness Day 2011 was building resilience in young children dealing with trauma. Awareness Day 2011 calls to action were to:

  • integrate mental health and model resilience skills in every environment that has an impact on child development from birth;
  • enhance resilience and nurture social and emotional skills in young children from birth;
  • provide information to the public and teach them to recognize the signs of traumatic stress;
  • raise awareness that treatment for trauma is critical to achieving the milestones of a child’s social and emotional development from birth; and
  • promote trauma-informed services and supports in all child-serving settings.

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs to talk, please call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).

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