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Item Definitions, Source for Data, Scoring,
and Quality Improvement Processes

The DDCMHT evaluates 35 program elements that are subdivided into seven dimensions. The first dimension is Program Structure. This dimension focuses on general organizational factors that foster or inhibit the development of co-occurring disorders treatment. Program Milieu is the second dimension, and it focuses on the culture of the program and whether the staff and physical environment are receptive and welcoming to persons with co-occurring disorders. The third and fourth dimensions are referred to as the Clinical Process dimensions (Assessment and Treatment). These examine whether specific clinical activities achieve specific benchmarks for co-occurring disorders assessment and treatment. The fifth dimension is Continuity of Care, which examines the long-term treatment issues and external supportive care issues commonly associated with persons who have co-occurring disorders. The sixth dimension is Staffing, which examines staffing patterns and operations that support co-occurring disorders assessment and treatment. The seventh dimension is Training, which measures the appropriateness of training and supports that facilitate the capacity of staff to treat persons with co-occurring disorders.

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