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Adopting Evidence Based Practice for Justice Involved People with Co-Occurring Disorders Factsheetss

Author(s): Joseph Morrissey, Piper Meyer, Merrill Rotter, Amory Carr, Kim Mueser, Sally MacKain, Fred C. Osher, Caterina Gouvis Roman, William Anthony, and SAMHSA National GAINS Center
Teaser: A review of the research for adapting evidence-based practices to criminal justice settings for justice-involved peoples with co-occurring disorders. This fact sheet series reviews research relating to the adaption of evidence-based practices for justice-involved people with co-occurring disorders. The fact sheets address assertive community treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, illness self-management and recovery, integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, housing, supported employment, and motivational interviewing.

Date retrieved: 4/21/11
Year published: 2006-2011
Resource type: PDF