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State Mental Health Policy: States' Early Experience in Improving Systems-Level Care for Persons With Co-occurring Disorders

Author(s): David J. Dausey, Ph.D., M.Phil., Harold Alan Pincus, M.D., James M. Herrell, Ph.D., M.P.H. and Lawrence Rickards, Ph.D.
Teaser: Review of States' experiences implementing innovative integration strategies
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This column discusses the experiences of the original cohort of seven states participating in the first two years of a national demonstration project known as the Co-occurring State Incentive Grant (COSIG) initiative. COSIG was designed to help state mental health and substance abuse authorities develop innovative strategies to better integrate or coordinate services for persons with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. The column describes the implementation successes and challenges of these states. It also includes lessons learned that will benefit states in the planning phases of similar projects.

Date retrieved: 1/14/11
Year published: 2007
Resource type: Journal column