Table C.1
N-SSATS item percentage response rates: 2008
Description Response rate (%) Question number Description Response rate (%)
Q2a-1 Detox from alcohol  95.5 Q12-26 Ancillary Health Edu  98.5
Q2a-2 Detox from benzodiazepines  94.8 Q12-27 Ancillary Substance Abuse Edu  99.8
Q2a-3 Detox from cocaine  95.1 Q12-28 Ancillary Transportation Assistance  98.5
Q2a-4 Detox from methamphetamines  94.9 Q12-29 Ancillary Mental Health Svcs  98.8
Q2a-5 Detox from opiates  95.6 Q12-30 Ancillary Acupuncture  97.6
Q2a-6 Detox from other substances  81.4 Q12-31 Ancillary Residential Beds for children  97.6
Q2b Routinely detox with medications  95.8 Q12-32 Ancillary Self-Help Groups  98.4
Q3 Primary focus SA Tx/MH/Mix/GH  99.9 Q12-33 Pharmacotherapies Antabuse  99.7
Q4 Ownership  99.9 Q12-34 Pharmacotherapies Naltrexone  99.7
Q5 Federal Government Agency 100.0 Q12-35 Pharmacotherapies Campral  99.4
Q6 Solo practice  99.7 Q12-36 Pharmacotherapies Nicotine Replacement  99.8
Q7 Affiliated w/ religious organization  99.7 Q12-37 Pharmacotherapies Psychiatric Disorders  99.8
Q9 Located in/operated by hospital  99.8 Q12-38 Pharmacotherapies Methadone 100.0
Q9a Hospital Type  99.8 Q12-39 Pharmacotherapies Buprenorphine - Subutex  99.7
Q11 Hotline - yes/no  99.8 Q12-40 Pharmacotherapies Buprenorphine - Suboxone  99.8
Q12-1 Assessment screening substance abuse  99.6 Q13a Methadone or buprenorphine maintenance  99.9
Q12-2 Assessment screening mental health  98.0 Q13b All clients in maintenance program 100.0
Q12-3 Assessment comprehensive SA  99.3 Q13c Methadone or buprenorphine detoxification  99.9
Q12-4 Assessment  mental health  97.2 Q14 Individual counseling  99.9
Q12-5 Assessment outreach  97.4 Q14a % of clients receiving individual counseling  99.9
Q12-6 Assessment interim services  97.0 Q15 Group counseling  99.9
Q12-7 Testing blood/alcohol  98.7 Q15a % of clients receiving group counseling  99.9
Q12-8 Testing drug/alcohol urine screen  99.8 Q16 Family counseling  99.8
Q12-9 Testing Hepatitis B  96.6 Q16a % of clients receiving family counseling  99.8
Q12-10 Testing Hepatitis C  96.9 Q17 Marital/couples counseling  99.8
Q12-11 Testing HIV  97.2 Q17a % of clients receiving marital/couples counseling  99.7
Q12-12 Testing STD  96.6 Q18-1 Use frequency of substance abuse counseling  99.7
Q12-13 Testing TB screen  97.4 Q18-2 Use frequency of 12 step facilitation  99.1
Q12-14 Transitional Discharge Plan  99.7 Q18-3 Use frequency of brief intervention  98.8
Q12-15 Transitional Aftercare  98.9 Q18-4 Use frequency of cognitive behavioral therapy  99.2
Q12-16 Ancillary Services Case Management  99.3 Q18-5 Use frequency of contingency management  98.4
Q12-17 Ancillary Social Skills  99.0 Q18-6 Use frequency of motivational interviewing  99.0
Q12-18 Ancillary Mentoring/Peer Support  98.2 Q18-7 Use frequency of trauma-related counseling  98.6
Q12-19 Ancillary Child Care  97.8 Q18-8 Use frequency of anger management  99.2
Q12-20 Ancillary Assist. Social Services  98.7 Q18-9 Use frequency of matrix model  97.7
Q12-21 Ancillary Employment  98.3 Q18-10 Use frequency of community reinforcement plus vouchers  97.5
Q12-22 Ancillary Housing Assist  98.6 Q18-11 Use frequency of rational emotive behavioral therapy  97.8
Q12-23 Ancillary Domestic Violence  98.2 Q18-12 Use frequency of relapse prevention  99.3
Q12-24 Ancillary Intervention HIV  98.0 Q18-13 Use frequency of other treatment approach 100.0
Q12-25 Ancillary HIV/AIDS Edu  98.7 Q19-1 Standard Continuing education of staff  99.9
Q19-2 Standard Periodic drug tests  99.9 Q23b-10 Specific Program/group for other groups 100.0
Q19-3 Standard Case review with supervisor  99.9 Q24 Hosp Inpatient SA care offered currently 100.0
Q19-4 Standard Case review with quality review committee  99.8 Q24a-1 Hosp Inpatient Detoxification care offered 100.0
Q19-5 Standard Outcome follow-up after discharge  99.8 Q24a-2 Hosp Inpatient Treatment care offered  99.9
Q19-6 Standard Periodic utilization review  99.5 Q25 Non-hosp Res SA care offered currently 100.0
Q19-7 Standard Client satisfication surveys  99.8 Q25a-1 Non-hosp Res Detoxification care offered 100.0
Q20 Program for DUI/DWI/other offenders  99.8 Q25a-2 Non-hosp Res Short Term Tx offered 100.0
Q20a All SA Tx clients DUI/DWI  99.8 Q25a-3 Non-hosp Res Long Term Tx offered 100.0
Q21 Tx in sign language-y/n  99.6 Q26 Any Outpatient SA care offered currently 100.0
Q22 Tx in language other than English-y/n  99.9 Q26a-1 Outpatient Detox offered 100.0
Q22a Tx lang provid by staff counselor/interpreter/both  99.7 Q26a-2 Outpatient meth/bup maint. offered 100.0
Q22b-1 Tx in Hopi  98.1 Q26a-3 Day Tx/partial hosp offered 100.0
Q22b-2 Tx in Lakota  98.1 Q26a-4 Intensive outpatient Tx offered 100.0
Q22b-3 Tx in Navajo  97.9 Q26a-5 Regular outpatient Tx offered 100.0
Q22b-4 Tx in Yupik  97.8 Q27 Uses sliding fee scale  99.6
Q22b-5 Tx in Other American Indian/Alaska Native  96.2 Q28 Offers no charge or free Tx  99.5
Q22b-6 Tx in Arabic  97.9 Q29 Receive any Fed,State,County,Local Funds  96.9
Q22b-7 Tx in Chinese  97.9 Q30-1 Free Tx to all Clients  99.7
Q22b-8 Tx in Creole  98.0 Q30-2 Accepts cash or self-payment  99.2
Q22b-9 Tx in French  97.9 Q30-3 Accepts Medicare payments  96.3
Q22b-10 Tx in German  97.9 Q30-4 Accepts Medicaid payments  97.3
Q22b-11 Tx in Hmong  97.8 Q30-5 Accepts state financed health ins  92.7
Q22b-12 Tx in Italian  98.8 Q30-6 Accepts Federal military insurance  91.4
Q22b-13 Tx in Korean  97.8 Q30-7 Accepts private health insurance  97.5
Q22b-14 Tx in Polish  97.8 Q30-8 Accepts ATR Vouchers  82.5
Q22b-15 Tx in Portuguese  97.7 Q30-9 Accepts other payments 100.0
Q22b-16 Tx in Russian  97.9 Q31 Agrmnts/contrs w/ Managed Care Org  94.7
Q22b-17 Tx in Spanish  99.4 Q32 Client counts for only this facility, this plus others, none 100.0
Q22b-18 Tx in Tagalog  98.8 Q33a # of Facilities in Client Count Data 100.0
Q22b-19 Tx in Vietnamese  97.7 Q33 Any patients received Hosp Inpatient SA services, 3/31/08 100.0
Q22b-20 Tx in Other Language  88.4 Q33a-1 Hosp. Inpatient clients, detox 100.0
Q23b-1 Specific Program/group for adolescents  99.4 Q33a-2 Hosp. Inpatient clients, Tx 100.0
Q23b-2 Specific Program/group for co-occurring  99.3 Q33a-3 Total Number of Hospital Inpatients 100.0
Q23b-3 Specific Program/group for criminal justice clients  99.3 Q33b Hosp Inp Clients Under 18 years old  99.9
Q23b-4 Specific Program/group for persons with HIV/AIDS  99.4 Q33c-1 Total Methadone Inpatients  99.7
Q23b-5 Specific Program/group for gays/lesbians  99.3 Q33c-2 Total Buprenorphine Inpatients  98.9
Q23b-6 Specific Program/group for seniors  99.3 Q33d Total Beds Designated-Hospital Inpatient  91.1
Q23b-7 Specific Program/group for adult women  99.3 Q34 Any clients received Res Non-Hosp SA services, 3/31/08 100.0
Q23b-8 Specific Program/group for pregnant/postpartum women  99.3 Q34a-1 Residential Clients, Detox 100.0
Q23b-9 Specific Program/group for adult men  99.2 Q34a-2 Residential Clients, Short-term Tx 100.0
Q34a-3 Residential Clients, Long-term Tx  99.9 Q3-2 % of Clients Treated for only Alc Abuse  99.8
Q34b Total Number of Residential Clients 100.0 Q3-3 % of Clients Treated for only Drug Abuse  99.7
Q34c-1 Residential Clients Under 18 years old 100.0 Q37 % of clients with SA and mental health diagnosis  99.2
Q34c-2 Total Methadone Residential 100.0 Q38 Total # of admissions for Sub Abuse Tx  98.1
Q34d Total Buprenorphine Residential  99.9 Q38a Number of ATR funded admissions  98.0
Q35a-2 Total Beds-Residential Clients  98.4 Q40 Setting, Halfway House 100.0
Q35 Any clients received Outpatient SA services, 3/31/08 100.0 Q41-1 Licensed/certified by State SA Agency  96.8
Q35a-1 Outpatient Clients, detox 100.0 Q41-2 Licensed/certified by Mental Health Dept.  94.8
Q35a-2 Outpatient Clients, meth/bup maint 100.0 Q41-3 Licensed/certified by State Health Dept.  92.9
Q35a-3 Outpatient Clients, Day Tx/Partial Hosp 100.0 Q41-4 Licensed/certified by Hospital authority  93.8
Q35a-4 Outpatient Clients, Intensive 100.0 Q41-5 Accredited by JCAHO  95.0
Q35a-5 Outpatient Clients, Regular Outpatient Care 100.0 Q41-6 Accredited by CARF  93.5
Q35a-6 Total Number of Outpatient Clients 100.0 Q41-7 Accredited by NCQA  88.8
Q35b Outpatient clients under 18 years old  99.9 Q41-8 Accredited by COA  88.9
Q35c-1 Total Methadone Outpatients 100.0 Q41-9 Licensed/certified by another State Agency  89.0
Q35c-2 Total Buprenorphine Outpatients 100.0 Q43 Has Web site- y/n  99.0
Q3-1 % of Clients Treated for both Alc/Drug Abuse  99.8  
SOURCE: Office of Applied Studies, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), 2008.

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