Chapter 8

Detoxification Discharges: 2007

Reason for Discharge
Median Length of Stay (LOS)
Characteristics at Admission
Treatment Completion

Chapter 8 presents data on the reason for discharge and median length of stay (LOS) in treatment for the 329,379 linked admission/discharge records of discharges from detoxification in 2007. Forty-five of the 46 reporting States had discharges from this type of service [Table 8.1]. Detoxification in this chapter includes free-standing residential detoxification, hospital detoxification, and outpatient detoxification (see Chapter 2). Medication-assisted opioid detoxification is excluded and is reported in Chapter 10.

Reason for Discharge

Table 8.1 and Figure 8.1. Of the 329,379 detoxification discharges in 2007:1

Figure 8.1
Reason for discharge from detoxification: TEDS 2007

Pie chart comparing Reason for discharge from detoxification in TEDS 2007

1 Percentages do not sum to 100 percent because of rounding.

Median Length of Stay (LOS)

Table 2.4 and Figure 8.2. The median LOS for detoxification discharges was 4 days. By reason for discharge, the median LOS for detoxification discharges was:

Figure 8.2
Median length of stay in detoxification, by reason for discharge: TEDS 2007

Bar chart comparing Median length of stay in detoxification, by reason for discharge in TEDS 2007

Characteristics at Admission

Table 2.6. Detoxification discharges displayed some major differences from all discharges combined. Of detoxification discharges:

Treatment Completion

Tables 8.2 and 8.3. Table 8.2 enumerates the characteristics at admission of discharges from detoxification by reason for discharge. Table 8.3 is based on Table 8.2. It presents two related proportions: a) the percent distribution of characteristics at admission among discharges completing treatment or transferring to further treatment compared to those who did not complete treatment, and b) the combined rate of completion or transfer to further treatment by characteristic at admission.

Completion/Transfer Rates and Characteristics at Admission

The overall combined treatment completion/transfer rate among detoxification discharges was 77 percent.

Median LOS among Discharges Completing Treatment

The overall median LOS among discharges completing detoxification was 4 days. The median LOS was within 1 day of that number, between 3 days and 5 days, for most characteristics. The only exceptions were the small proportions reporting no substance use in the month before treatment entry and reporting marijuana as the primary substance, where the median LOS was 7 days.

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