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TEDS represents a significant proportion of all admissions to substance abuse treatment, but does not represent all such admissions. Most facilities that report to TEDS are those that receive State alcohol and/or drug agency funds (including Federal block grant funds). Facilities that operate entirely with private funds are generally not accountable to the States, and thus are generally not included in the TEDS data system. Similarly, federal facilities such as the Veterans Administration and the Bureau of Prisons generally do not report to the individual States. Table 4.1 details the individual States' criteria for inclusion of facilities in TEDS.

SAMHSA maintains a directory of all known substance abuse treatment facilities, including public, private, and federal facilities. This National Master Facility Inventory (NMFI) is updated throughout the year by State representatives, and by the annual Uniform Facility Data Set (UFDS) survey. The subset of NMFI facilities that are licensed or otherwise recognized by the State Substance Abuse Agencies comprise the National Facility Register (NFR). An examination of the NFR permits an estimate of TEDS coverage of the universe of State-recognized treatment facilities.

Table B.1 details the number of facilities that the States included in the NFR in 1996, the number of facilities the States reported to be eligible to report to TEDS, and the number of facilities that did report to TEDS. Overall, 65 percent of the treatment facilities listed on the NFR were reported to be TEDS-eligible. Those that were ineligible were generally private facilities that were licensed or certified by the State, but did not receive public funds and did not report admissions data to the State. Of the facilities that were TEDS-eligible in 1996, 78 percent reported in that year.

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