1994-1999 Treatment Episode Data Set(TEDS)
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TEDS Minimum Data Set

Missing values are coded as:

Unknown—The State collects this data item, but the record does not reflect an acceptable value.
Not collected—The State does not collect this data item for submission to TEDS.

A “client” is a person who meets all of the following criteria:

    1) Has an alcohol or drug related problem
    2) Has completed the screening and intake process
    3) Has been formally admitted for treatment or recovery service in an alcohol or drug treatment unit
    4) Has his or her own client record
A person is not a client if he or she has completed only a screening or intake process or has been placed on a waiting list.

A “codependent” is a person who has no alcohol or drug abuse problem, but satisfies all of the following conditions:

    1) Is seeking services because of problems arising from his or her relationship with an alcohol or drug user
    2) Has been formally admitted for service to a treatment unit
    3) Has his or her own client record or has a record within a primary client record
GUIDELINES: Reporting of codependent data in TEDS is optional. If the State opts to report codependent clients, the mandatory fields are State Code, Provider Identifier, Client Identifier, Client Transaction Type, Codependent, Date of Admission, and Service. Reporting of the remaining fields in the Minimum Data Set and the Supplemental Data Set is optional for codependent records. For all items not reported, the data field must be coded with the appropriate “Not Collected” code.

If a substance abuse client with an existing record in TEDS becomes a codependent, a new client record should be submitted indicating that the client is an “Admission” as a codependent. The reverse is also true for a person who is a codependent first and then becomes a substance abuse client.

Transaction type
Identifies whether a record is for an initial admission or a transfer/change in service.

For purposes of reporting to TEDS, a treatment episode is defined as that period of service(s) between the beginning of a treatment service for a drug or alcohol problem and the termination of services for the prescribed treatment plan.

When a client changes service, facility, program, or location during a treatment episode, the State sends a complete transfer record to TEDS.


Highlights|Description of TEDS|Trends in Admissions |Characteristics of Admissions|State Data
Topics of Special Interest