1994-1999 Treatment Episode Data Set(TEDS)
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2. Trends in Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions: 1994-1999

Trend data are invaluable in monitoring changing patterns in substance abuse treatment admissions. These patterns reflect underlying changes in substance abuse in the population, and have important implications for resource allocation and program planning.

Trends in Primary Substance of Abuse

Table 2.1 and Figure 1. In 1999, TEDS treatment admissions were dominated by four substances: alcohol, opiates (primarily heroin), cocaine, and marijuana/hashish. These substances together accounted for 91 percent of all 1999 TEDS admissions.

Figure 1
Primary substance of abuse at admission:
TEDS 1994-1999

Primary substance of abuse at admission, TEDS 1994-1999

SOURCE: Office of Applied Studies, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) - 4.16.01.


Highlights|Description of TEDS|Trends in Admissions |Characteristics of Admissions|State Data
Topics of Special Interest