CSV and Excel File Description

Files with a comma separated value (*.csv) extension are in plain text. They contain characters stored in a flat, nonproprietary format and can be opened by most computer programs. Each *.csv file contains a set of tabular data, with each record delineated by a line break and each field within a record delineated by a comma. A field that contains commas as part of its content has the additional delineation of a quote mark character before and after the field's contents. When a quote mark character is part of a field's content, it is included as two consecutive ""quote mark"" characters.

Computers with Microsoft Excel installed open *.csv files in Excel by default, with the fields automatically arranged appropriately in columns. Other database programs also open *.csv files with the fields appropriately arranged.

The 26 CSV files (i.e., "NSDUHsaeExcelTab#-2011.csv") reflect the "Table #" tab in the 26 Excel files, and they contain the table title, table notes, column headings, and data.

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