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Figure 8.3 is titled "Past Year Treatment among Adults Aged 18 or Older with Both Serious Psychological Distress and a Substance Use Disorder: 2004." It is a pie chart, with the following notes below the chart: "4.6 Million Adults with Co-Occurring SPD and Substance Use Disorder"; and "Due to rounding, these percentages do not add to 100 percent." The pie chart shows the percentages of types of treatment received in the past year.

Of the 4.6 million adults with both serious psychological distress and a substance use disorder, 41.4 percent received treatment in the past year for mental health problems only, 5.0 percent received treatment for substance use problems only, 6.0 percent received treatment for both mental health and substance use problems, and 47.5 percent received no treatment in the past year.

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