Treatment Admissions, Characteristics, & Trends


bulletDrug & alcohol admissions  (specific drugs)

bulletAlcohol admissions 

bulletSocio-demographic characteristics of treatment admissions (gender, race, etc.)

bulletTrends in treatment admissions


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bulletData Tables:  Percent Needing and Receiving Treatment

bulletTreatment Success/Completion

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Socio-Demographic Characteristics of Treatment Admissions 



Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) 1994-2004 (HTML)     (PDF format)  

Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS):  1993-2003  full report (HTML format)      (PDF format)

The DASIS Report - - Admissions for Detoxification, 2001

The DASIS Report - -  Discharges from Detoxification, 2000


Drug & Alcohol Admissions 

For reports on specific drugs, click on "Drugs" on OAS header on most pages.

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