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Substance Abuse by Older Adults:  Estimates of Future Impact on the Treatment System

Table Of Contents

List of Figures

Chapter 1

1. The Growing U.S. Population Aged 65 Years or Older

Chapter 2

1. Substance Abuse Lifeline

2. Preexisting Mental Disorder Lifeline

3. Possible Lifelines Involving Drug and Mental Problems

4. Percentage of All Reported Poisoning Deaths Using Death Certificate ICD-9 E-Codes

5. ADSS Sample Distribution, by Age (Unweighted Data)

6. Prior Treatment, by Age (ADSS Weighted Data)

7. Deaths per 100,000 by Poisoning, 1995

8. 1999 NHSDA as a Percentage of the U.S. Population

9. Total Number of TEDS Admissions, 1997

10. TEDS Alcohol and Drug Overlap, 1997

Chapter 3

1. California 33-year Follow-up Study Sample Distribution, by Age, in 1992

2. Study of High-risk Samples Distribution, by Age, in 1992

3. Self-Reported Any Weekly Use of Illicit Drugs, by Age, in 1992

Chapter 4

1. TEDS Admissions: 1997 Age Distribution

2. Polydrug Use, by Age Group

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This page was last updated on June 16, 2008.