OAS Publications Released in 2003:  Alcohol, Tobacco, & Illicit Drug Use

This website provides a chronological list of reports produced by SAMHSA's Office of Applied Studies (OAS) in 2003 and includes  the date that the report was available on the web.  Reports may be in HTML or PDF format. 

bulletAll Reports by Year of Release:  1999 to current


12/30/03 The NSDUH Report:  Pregnancy and Substance Use
12/23/03 The DASIS Report: Treatment Admissions Involving Narcotic Painkillers
12/22/03 SAMHSA matrix and OAS reports
12/17/03 The DASIS Report:  Discharges from Intensive Outpatient Treatment, 2000
12/17/03 The DAWN Report:  Trends in Drug-Related Emergency Department Visits, 1994-2002 At a Glance  (PDF format)
 12/12/03 The DASIS Report:  The National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS)
12/09/03 The NSDUH Report:  Quantity and Frequency of Alcohol Use
12/09/03 The DASIS Report:  Protecting Confidentiality in TEDS
12/03/03 The DASIS Report: Treatment Admissions for Injection of Multiple Drugs: 2000
 11/25/03 The DASIS Report:  Characteristics of Primary Benzodiazepine Admissions:  2000
 11/21/03 The DASIS Report:  Discharges from Outpatient Treatment, 2000
 11/21/03 The NSDUH Report:  Substance Use Among School Dropouts  Aged 18 to 24
11/20/03 The NSDUH Report:  Quantity and Frequency of Cigarette Use
 11/07/03 The DASIS Report:  Veterans in Substance Abuse Treatment:  1995-2000
 11/07/03 The NSDUH Report:  Reasons for Not Receiving Substance Abuse Treatment
 10/30/03 The NSDUH Report:  Alcohol Use and Risks Among Young Adults by College Enrollment Status 
10/24/03 The DASIS Report: Facilities Primarily Serving Adolescents: 2002
 10/20/03 2001 State Estimates of Substance Use (HTML)     (PDF format)
 10/17/03 The DAWN Report:  Marijuana-related Emergency Department Visits by Youth (PDF format)
 10/16/03 The NHSDA Report:  Substance Use in the 10 Largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas
 10/16/03 2002 National Survey on Drug Use & Health:  Detailed Tables (HTML format)
 10/09/03 The DASIS Report:  New Heroin Users Admitted to Treatment: 1992-2000
 10/03/03 The NSDUH Report:  Reasons for Not Receiving Treatment Among Adults with Serious Mental Illness
 10/02/03 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), 2002:  Data on Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities (HTML format)
 10/02/03 The DASIS Report:  Women in Treatment for Smoked Cocaine: 2000
  9/16/03 The NSDUH Report:  Drugged Driving, 2002 Update
  9/11/03 The DASIS Report:  Introducing Quick Tables
  9/05/03 Overview of Findings from the 2002 National Survey on Drug Use & Health (HTML format)  formerly called the NHSDA
  9/05/03 Results from the 2002 National Survey on Drug Use & Health:  National Findings (HTML format) formerly called the NHSDA
  9/05/03 Detailed Tables from the 2002 National Survey on Drug Use & Health (PDF format)
  8/27/03 The DASIS Report:  Services Provided by Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
  8/21/03 (The ADSS Organization Study)  The National Substance Abuse Treatment System:   Facilities, Clients, Services, and Staffing (PDF 1 MB)
  8/21/03 Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS) Methodology Report:  Phases I, II, and III  (PDF, 978 KB)
  8/14/03 The NHSDA Report:  Racial and Ethnic Differences in Youth Hallucinogen Use
  8/12/03 The ADSS Cost Study:  Costs of Substance Abuse Treatment in the Specialty Sector (PDF, 731 KB)
  8/06/03 The DASIS Report:  Characteristics of Homeless Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment

The NHSDA Report:  Comparison of Substance Use in Australia and the United States

  7/31/03 2003 Field Interviewer Manual:  National Survey on Drug Use & Health (formerly called the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse)

The NHSDA Report:  Treatment Among Adults with Serious Mental Illness


The DASIS Report:  Planned Methadone Treatment for Non-Heroin Opiate Admissions

  7/09/03 The NHSDA Report:  Cigarette Brand Preferences
  7/2/03 The DAWN Report:  Trends in Drug-Related Emergency Department Visits, 1994-2001 At a Glance
  6/27/03 The DASIS Report:  Facilities Offering Outpatient Care
  6/27/03 The NHSDA Report:  School Experiences and Substance Use Among Youths
  6/19/03 The DASIS Report:  Facilities Offering Hospital Inpatient Care
  6/19/03 The DASIS Report:  Planned Methadone Treatment for Heroin Admissions
  6/06/03 The DASIS Report:  Graphing Multi-year Analyses of TEDS
  6/06/03 The DASIS Report:  Variations in Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities by Number of Clients
  6/02/03 The NHSDA Report:  Children Living with Substance Abusing or Substance Dependent Parents
  5/23/03 The DASIS Report:  Facilities Offering Residential Care

The DASIS Report:  Using the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator

  5/16/03 The NHSDA Report:  Substance Use Among American Indians or Alaska Natives
  5/12/03 The DASIS Report:  Analyzing Geographic Areas Within TEDS
  5/08/03 The NHSDA Report:  Alcohol Use by Persons Under the Legal Drinking Age of 21
  4/29/03 The DASIS Report:   American Indian / Alaska Native Treatment Admissions in Rural & Urban Areas:  2000
  4/28/03 2003 CAI Specifications & Showcard Booklet (PDF format)
  4/28/03 2002 Field Interviewer Manual
  4/23/03 The NHSDA Report:  Risk of Suicide Among Hispanic Females Aged 12 to 17
  4/17/03 The NHSDA Report:  Finding Specific Variables in the NHSDA
  4/15/03 The DASIS Report:  Managed Care Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
  4/10/03 The DASIS Report:  Marijuana Use Secondary to Other Substances of Abuse
  4/02/03 The DASIS Report:  Admissions of Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders,  2000
  3/24/03 The DASIS Report:  Adult Marijuana Treatment Admissions by Race and Ethnicity,  2000
  3/19/03 The NHSDA Report:  Ecstasy Use
  3/11/03 The NHSDA Report:  Injection Drug Use
  3/07/03 Substance Use by Older Adults:  Estimates of Future Impact on the Treatment System
  3/06/03 The DASIS Report:   Facilities Providing Substance Abuse Treatment in Languages Other than English
  3/05/03 Summary Documentation of Selected Survey Activities from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (PDF format, 252 KB)
  2/26/03 Mortality Data from the Drug Abuse Warning Network, 2001 (PDF format)
  2/13/03 The NHSDA Report:  Youths' Choice of Consultant for Serious Problems as Related to Substance Use
  2/05/03 The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) formerly called the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA)

1999 NonResponse Analysis Report (PDF format)

  1/30/03 Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS):  1992-2000 (HTML format)     PDF format
  1/30/03 The DASIS Report: Treatment Completion in the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS)
  1/30/03 Redesigning an Ongoing National Household Survey:  Methodological Issues (PDF format, 3.9 MB)
  1/30/03 Use of Incidence and Prevalence in the Substance Use Literature:  A Review  (PDF format, 116 KB)
  1/23/03 The NHSDA Report:  Characteristics of New Marijuana Users
  1/21/03 Computer Assisted Interview Specifications & Showcard Booklet (PDF format)
  1/21/03 Field Interviewer Manual
  1/17/03 Impact of September 11, 2001 Events on Substance Use and Mental Health in the New York Area (HTML format)    PDF format  (2.2 MB)
  1/16/03 The NHSDA Report:  Nonmedical Use of Prescription-Type Drugs among Youths and Young Adults

 ED Trends From DAWN, Preliminary Estimates January to June 2002

  1/16/03 The DAWN Report:  Narcotic Analgesics (PDF format)
  1/07/03 The NHSDA Report: Substance Abuse or Dependence in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Areas

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