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Figure 12 is titled "Reasons for Not Receiving Treatment among Persons Aged 12 or Older Who Needed But Did Not Receive Treatment and Felt They Needed Treatment: 2003." It is a bar graph, where the horizontal axis represents the percentage reporting a reason, and the vertical axis represents reasons for not receiving treatment.

Among persons who needed but did not receive treatment and felt they needed treatment, 41.2% did not receive treatment because they were not ready to stop using, 33.2% because of cost or insurance barriers, 19.6% because of stigma, 17.2% because they did not feel the need for treatment or they could handle the problem without treatment, 12.3% because of access barriers other than cost, 8.7% because they did not know where to go for treatment, 6.3% because treatment would not help, and 5.3% because they did not have time.

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