Table C.1
N-SSATS item percentage response rates: 2007
Description Response rate (%) Question number Description Response rate (%)
Q2a-1 Detox from alcohol  76.3 Q12-27 Ancillary Child Care  98.7
Q2a-2 Detox from opiates  76.9 Q12-28 Ancillary Assist. Social Services  99.2
Q2a-3 Detox from cocaine  75.3 Q12-29 Ancillary Employment  99.0
Q2a-4 Detox from other substances  64.7 Q12-30 Ancillary Housing Assist  99.2
Q2b Routinely detox with medications  77.1 Q12-31 Ancillary Domestic Violence  99.0
Q4 Primary focus SA Tx/MH/Mix/GH  99.8 Q12-32 Ancillary Intervention HIV  98.7
Q5 Ownership  99.9 Q12-33 Ancillary HIV/AIDS Edu  99.1
Q5a Federal Government Agency 100.0 Q12-34 Ancillary Health Edu  98.9
Q6 Solo practice  99.7 Q12-35 Ancillary Substance Abuse Edu  99.9
Q7 Affiliated w/ religious organization  99.5 Q12-36 Ancillary Transportation Assistance  99.0
Q8 Jail, Prison, or Other 100.0 Q12-37 Ancillary Mental Health Svcs  99.1
Q9 Located in/operated by hospital  99.8 Q12-38 Ancillary Acupuncture  98.4
Q9a Hospital Type  99.6 Q12-39 Ancillary Residential Beds for children  98.5
Q11 Hotline - yes/no  99.7 Q12-40 Ancillary Self-Help Groups  98.7
Q12-1 Assessment screening substance abuse  99.6 Q13 Individual counseling  99.8
Q12-2 Assessment screening mental health  98.0 Q13a % of clients receiving individual counseling  99.4
Q12-3 Assessment comprehensive SA  99.4 Q14 Group counseling  99.6
Q12-4 Assessment  mental health  97.3 Q14a % of clients receiving group counseling  99.3
Q12-5 Assessment outreach  97.4 Q15 Family counseling  99.7
Q12-6 Assessment interim services  97.0 Q15a % of clients receiving family counseling  98.3
Q12-7 Pharmacotherapies Antabuse  97.4 Q16 Marital/couples counseling  99.5
Q12-8 Pharmacotherapies Naltrexone  97.2 Q16a % of clients receiving marital/couples counseling  98.0
Q12-9 Pharmacotherapies Campral  97.2 Q17-1 Standard Continuing education of staff  99.5
Q12-10 Pharmacotherapies Buprenorphine - Subutex  96.5 Q17-2 Standard Periodic drug tests  99.4
Q12-11 Pharmacotherapies Buprenorphine - Suboxone  97.1 Q17-3 Standard Case review with supervisor  99.3
Q12-12 Pharmacotherapies Methadone  97.3 Q17-4 Standard Case review with quality review committee  98.8
Q12-13 Pharmacotherapies Nicotine Replacement  97.5 Q17-5 Standard Outcome follow-up after discharge  99.1
Q12-14 Pharmacotherapies Psychiatric Disorders  98.8 Q17-6 Standard Periodic utilization review  98.6
Q12-15 Testing blood/alcohol  99.1 Q17-7 Standard Client satisfication surveys  99.3
Q12-16 Testing drug/alcohol urine screen  99.6 Q18-1 Use frequency of substance abuse counseling  99.7
Q12-17 Testing Hepatitis B  97.5 Q18-2 Use frequency of 12 step method  99.4
Q12-18 Testing Hepatitis C  97.7 Q18-3 Use frequency of brief intervention approach  98.8
Q12-19 Testing HIV  98.0 Q18-4 Use frequency of cognitive behavioral therapy  99.1
Q12-20 Testing STD  97.5 Q18-5 Use frequency of contingency management  98.0
Q12-21 Testing TB screen  98.0 Q18-6 Use frequency of motivational interviewing  99.0
Q12-22 Transitional Discharge Plan  99.8 Q18-7 Use frequency of trauma-related counseling  98.6
Q12-23 Transitional Aftercare  99.2 Q18-8 Use frequency of anger management  99.1
Q12-24 Ancillary Services Case Management  99.5 Q18-9 Use frequency of relapse prevention  99.4
Q12-25 Ancillary Social Skills  99.3 Q18-10 Use frequency of other treatment approach 100.0
Q12-26 Ancillary Mentoring/Peer Support  98.9 Q19 Operate an Opioid Treatment Program 100.0
Q19a OTP for maintenance/detoxification/both 100.0 Q24-1 Hosp Inpat'nt Detoxification care offered 100.0
Q19b All clients in OTP  99.5 Q24-2 Hosp Inpat'nt Treatment care offered 100.0
Q20 Program for DUI/DWI/other offenders  98.4 imputed Non-hosp Res SA care offered currently 100.0
Q20a All SA Tx clients DUI/DWI  99.5 Q25-1 Non-hosp Res Detoxification care offered 100.0
Q21 Tx in sign language-y/n  99.4 Q25-2 Non-hosp Res Short Term Tx offered 100.0
Q22 Tx in language other than English-y/n  99.9 Q25-3 Non-hosp Res Long Term Tx offered 100.0
Q22a Tx lang provid by staff counselor/interpreter/both  99.6 imputed Any Outpat'nt SA care offered currently 100.0
Q22b-1 Tx in Hopi  97.9 Q26-1 Outpat'nt Detox offered  99.9
Q22b-2 Tx in Lakota  97.9 Q26-2 Outpat'nt meth maint. offered 100.0
Q22b-3 Tx in Navajo  97.5 Q26-3 Day Tx/partial hosp offered 100.0
Q22b-4 Tx in Yupik  97.4 Q26-4 Intensive outpat'nt Tx offered 100.0
Q22b-5 Tx in Other Amer'n Indian/Alaska Native  95.8 Q26-5 Regular outpat'nt Tx offered 100.0
Q22b-6 Tx in Arabic  98.0 Q27 Uses sliding fee scale  99.6
Q22b-7 Tx in Chinese  97.9 Q27a Sliding fee scale included in Directory  99.4
Q22b-8 Tx in Creole  98.0 Q28 Offers no charge or free Tx  99.3
Q22b-9 Tx in French  97.9 Q28a Free Tx included in Directory  99.3
Q22b-10 Tx in German  98.1 Q29 Receive any Fed,State,C'nty,Local Funds  96.8
Q22b-11 Tx in Hmong  97.9 Q30-1 Free Tx to all Clients  99.6
Q22b-12 Tx in Korean  97.8 Q30-2 Accepts cash or self-payment  99.1
Q22b-13 Tx in Polish  97.8 Q30-3 Accepts Medicare payments  96.7
Q22b-14 Tx in Portuguese  97.8 Q30-4 Accepts Medicaid payments  95.8
Q22b-15 Tx in Russian  98.0 Q30-5 Accepts state financed health ins  93.1
Q22b-16 Tx in Spanish  98.7 Q30-6 Accepts Federal military insurance  90.6
Q22b-17 Tx in Vietnamese  97.8 Q30-7 Accepts private health insurance  94.5
Q22b-18 Tx in Other Language  87.5 Q30-8 Accepts ATR Vouchers  86.7
Q23a-1 Accepts adolescents  99.8 Q30-9 Accepts other payments  79.3
Q23a-2 Accepts co-occurring  99.6 Q31 Agrmnts/contrs w/Mang'd Care Org  94.7
Q23a-3 Accepts crimn'l justice clients  99.7 Q32-1 Client counts-This Facility Only 100.0
Q23a-4 Accepts persons with HIV/AIDS  99.6 Q32-2 Client counts- Fac Combined w/Others 100.0
Q23a-5 Accepts gays/lesbians  99.7 Q32-3 Cannot Provide Any Client Counts 100.0
Q23a-6 Accepts seniors  99.7 Q33 Any patients rec'd Hosp Inpat'nt SA services, 3/30/07  99.9
Q23a-7 Accepts adult women  99.7 Q33a-1 Hosp. Inpatient clients, detox  97.7
Q23a-8 Accepts preg't/postpart'm women  99.7 Q33a-2 Hosp. Inpatient clients, Tx  97.5
Q23a-9 Accepts adult men  99.7 Q33a Total Number of Hospital Inpatients  97.4
Q23b-1 Specific Program/gr'p for adolescents  99.4 Q33b Hosp Inp Clients Under 18 years old  97.8
Q23b-2 Specific Program/gr'p for co-occurring  99.3 Q33c-1 Total Methadone Inpatients  97.4
Q23b-3 Specific Program/gr'p for crimn'l justice clients  99.3 Q33c-2 Total Buprenorphine Inpatients  97.0
Q23b-4 Specific Program/gr'p for persons with HIV/AIDS  99.2 Q33d Total Beds Designated-Hospital Inpatient  84.3
Q23b-5 Specific Program/gr'p for gays/lesbians  99.2 Q34 Any clients rec'd Res Non-Hosp SA services, 3/30/07  99.9
Q23b-6 Specific Program/gr'p for seniors  99.2 Q34a-1 Residential Clients, Detox  99.7
Q23b-7 Specific Program/gr'p for adult women  99.3 Q34a-2 Residential Clients, Short-term Tx  99.7
Q23b-8 Specific Program/gr'p for preg't/postpart'm women  99.2 Q34a-3 Residential Clients, Long-term Tx  99.6
Q23b-9 Specific Program/gr'p for adult men  99.0 Q34a Total Number of Residential Clients  99.7
Q23b-10 Specific Program/gr'p for other groups 100.0 Q34b Residential Clients Under 18 years old  99.3
imputed Hosp Inpat'nt SA care offered currently 100.0 Q34c-1 Total Methadone Residential  99.6
Q34c-2 Total Buprenorphine Residential  99.4 Q39 # of Facilities in Client Count Data 100.0
Q34d Total Beds-Residential Clients  96.1 Q40-1 Actual or estimate hosp inpat'nt client ct  97.5
Q35 Any clients rec'd Outpat'nt SA services, 3/30/07 100.0 Q40-2 Actual or estimate res client ct  98.1
Q35a-1 Outpat'nt Clients, detox  99.8 Q40-3 Actual or estimate outpat'nt client ct  98.8
Q35a-2 Outpat'nt Clients, meth maint  99.9 Q40-4 Actual or Estimate admis no.  94.8
Q35a-3 Outpat'nt Clients, Day Tx/Partial Hosp  99.9 Q41 Setting, Halfway House 100.0
Q35a-4 Outpat'nt Clients, Intensive  99.7 Q42-1 Licns'd/certif'd by State SA Agency  96.3
Q35a-5 Outpat'nt Clients, Regular Outpat'nt Care  99.6 Q42-2 Licns'd/certif'd by Mental Health Dept.  93.4
Q35a Total Number of Outpat'nt Clients  99.9 Q42-3 Licns'd/certif'd by State Health Dept.  91.9
Q35b Outpat'nt clients under 18 years old  99.7 Q42-4 Licns'd/certif'd by Hospital authority  92.3
Q35c-1 Total Methadone Outpat'nts  99.9 Q42-5 Accredt'd by JCAHO  93.7
Q35c-2 Total Buprenorphine Outpat'nts  99.7 Q42-6 Accredt'd by CARF  91.6
Q35d Outpatient Capacity  96.4 Q42-7 Accredt'd by NCQA  86.8
Q36-1 % of Clients Treated for both Alc/Drug Abuse  99.8 Q42-8 Accredt'd by COA  86.8
Q36-2 % of Clients Treated for only Alc Abuse  99.8 Q42-9 Licns'd/certif'd by other State Agency  86.8
Q36-3 % of Clients Treated for only Drug Abuse  99.8 Q43 Have a NPI  93.6
Q37 % of clients with SA and mental health diagnosis  97.3 Q44 Has Web site- y/n  98.6
Q38 Total # of admissions for Sub Abuse Tx  97.7 Q45 List facility in directory  98.9
Q38a Number of ATR funded admissions  88.5 Q46 Requests hardcopy 08 National Directory  99.3
Q39 Other facilities included in client ct 100.0      
SOURCE: Office of Applied Studies, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services (N-SSATS), 2007.

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