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The Client Oriented Data Acquisition Process (CODAP) was initially developed to satisfy requirements outlined in P.L. 92-255. At that time, 13 separate Federal agencies were involved in the provision of drug abuse treatment services. In order to coordinate and control the burgeoning problem of a proliferation of conflicting, overlapping, and duplicative information on drug abuse treatment, a single, ongoing management reporting system, agreed upon by all Federal agencies, was considered essential. Accordingly, CODAP was designed to provide current information describing clients and the treatment given to them in order to aid in planning, management, and evaluation activities.

All recipients of Federal funds for drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation services were required to participate in CODAP. During 1973, CODAPís first year of operation, reports on over 130,000 clients entering treatment were processed from nearly 900 reporting clinics. A review of first-year operations by participating Federal and State agencies found the system, which collected aggregate data on a quarterly basis, inadequate in the face of increased demand for significantinformation by Federal, State, and local managers. Following a pretest of the revised CODAP system and a series of conferences with 36 State agencies and other local treatment agencies, a new version of CODAP became operational on November 1, 1974.

With its emphasis on collecting client-related data at admission to and discharge from treatment, the revised CODAP system offered greater flexibility than the previous version and also provided additional analytical potential. Subsequently, minor modifications to the CODAP forms and quality control procedures were made and became effective in January 1977 and, again, in January 1979. However, basic data collection procedures did not change between 1975 and 1981, the last year in which CODAP was fully operational. During that time, admission reports for approximately a quarter million clients were submitted annually by 1,800 to 2,000 participating treatment programs. In most States, the State drug abuse agency implemented the standard CODAP data collection instruments on a statewide basis; in others, the necessary data were obtained from existing State systems that were modified to comply with Federal standards for the collection of CODAP data.

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This page was last updated on June 16, 2008