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Using Admission Report and Discharge Report forms, transaction data on individual clients were collected on a monthly basis. The Admission Report was completed for each client admitted to a clinic for treatment after being screened and accepted. Information collected on the Admission Report included date of admission, client demographic characteristics, treatment modality and environment, number of prior treatment experiences, and patterns of drug abuse for up to four drugs. The Discharge Report was completed for each client upon discharge from a clinic. It included information on the date of discharge, reason for discharge, client demographic characteristics, modality and environment at time of discharge, and patterns of drug use at time of discharge.

Another CODAP form, the Client Flow Summary, was used for batch control of monthly clinic report submissions and provided a clinic-level client census by modality and environment as of the last day of the month. In addition, for each State there was a Master Control File which contained clinic administrative data, including identification information, funding sources, and program (organizational) linkages. The Control File was updated quarterly.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) provided training in the completion of CODAP forms to the States, programs, and clinics receiving Federal funds. In addition, State agency staff were trained in CODAP data collection requirements, definitions and procedures so that they could assist in the data collection process. Trained clinic personnel were responsible for completing forms.

This page was last updated on May 16, 2008