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Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) 


This report is the first from SAMHSA's Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS), an administrative data system providing descriptive information about the national flow of admissions to specialty providers of substance abuse treatment. TEDS is a continuation of the former Client Data System (CDS) and covers an estimated 91% of admissions to TEDS-eligible providers, which is 76% of admissions to all known substance abuse treatment providers (see Appendix A). Missing from TEDS are most admissions to providers receiving no public funds or providers reporting to other federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Prisons, Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, and the Indian Health Service.

The TEDS data collection effort began in 1989 with three-year development grants to States, but only recently has reporting of admissions been complete enough to justify reporting of national statistics. At the time of this report, consistent data are available for 1992 through 1995 from a panel of 37 States and this panel is used to chart national trends. The panel represents 78% of the TEDS-eligible admissions (see Appendix A) and is used for comparisons to U.S. Census Bureau statistics for the U.S. resident population.

The TEDS includes both a Minimum Data Set (required reporting) and a Supplemental Data Set (optional reporting) that are outlined in Appendix B. Reporting of Supplemental Data varies among the States and is at a reduced level compared to reporting of the Minimum Data. Where data are derived from the Supplemental Data Set, this source is indicated in the head note of the corresponding data table.

While admissions in a consistent panel of 37 States are used to chart trends, admissions from all States and jurisdictions are used for aggregate statistics for calendar 1995. Because of variation in the completeness and quality of reporting by State, comparisons cannot be confidently made among the States and jurisdictions. However, the large number of admissions in the aggregate national Minimum Data Set -- over 1.3 million for 1995 -- allows a description of minority patterns that might be inaccurate if based on a smaller data set. The number of total admissions is always less for aggregate statistics derived from the TEDS Supplemental Data Set.

Figures are included in the narrative of the report and each figure references the detailed Table from which it is derived. The Tables are grouped consecutively in a separate section.

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This page was last updated on June 16, 2008