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Health Insurance Enrollment

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Resources for Health Care Providers

Providers will see an increase in people they serve and play an important role in the public education and enrollment efforts. If you are a provider or provider association, here are some resources that will help you or our other providers in preparing for expanded insurance coverage. Below are some resources to help providers or provider associations in preparing for expanded insurance coverage:

  • SAMHSA Webinar Archive – This archive provides focused webinars to help build capacity, compliance and to understand third-party billing.
  • Provider Collaborative for Behavioral Health exit disclaimer icon – The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, the National Association of Community Health Centers, NIATx, and the State Associations of Addiction Services (SAAS) have come together with SAMHSA funding to form a collaborative that provides cross-cutting, high-quality training, educational opportunities, and resources for service providers to implement efficient and cost-effective business solutions. The four primary training areas are: Health Information Technology, Billing Operations, Compliance, and Patient Eligibility/Access.
  • University of Wisconsin, NIATx e-Learning Course exit disclaimer icon – Understand process improvement basics through this online course.
  • Making the Case exit disclaimer icon – The NIATx Business Case Series provides resources on building the business case for process improvement.
  • Promising Practices exit disclaimer icon – This library provides change ideas to help providers improve practices.
  • University of Wisconsin, NIATx 3rd Party Billing Guide (PDF 1.6MB) exit disclaimer icon – This guide provides step-by-step help for agencies to transition their billing services that have previous not had third-party billing capacity. For agencies that have some or even extensive experience with billing, the guide gives suggestions for improving collections and strengthening the business practices that are essential to stability and growth.