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FY 2007 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Statewide Family Network Grants

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 SM057903-01 VT FED/FAMILIES/CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH Waterbury VT Holsopple Kathleen $60,000
1 SM057904-01 MD COALITION FAM 4 CHILDRENS MENTAL HLTH Columbia MD Walker Jane $60,000
1 SM057905-01 NEVADA P.E.P., INC. Las Vegas NV Taycher Karen $60,000
1 SM057906-01 NEBRASKA FEDERATION OF FAM/CHLDRN MH Lincoln NE Kennedy Caramella $70,000
1 SM057907-01 MAINE PARENT FEDERATION, INC. Augusta ME Baker Beverly $70,000
1 SM057908-01 TEXAS FED/FAMILIES FOR CHLDRNS MNTL HLTH Austin TX Derr Patti $60,000
1 SM057909-01 MENTALLY ILL KIDS IN DISTRESS, INC. Phoenix AZ Shottenkirk Cynthia $60,000
1 SM057910-01 UPLIFT Cheyenne WY Nikkel Peggy $70,000
1 SM057912-01 ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH Lansing MI Winans Amy $70,000
1 SM057913-01 FAMILIES TOGETHER IN NEW YORK STATE Albany NY Lounsbery Janine $70,000
1 SM057914-01 MISSISSIPPI FAMILIES AS ALLIES, INC. Jackson MS Knutson-Eide Tressa $60,000
1 SM057915-01 FEDERATION OF FAMILIES FOR CHILD HEALTH Denver CO Floyd Megan $70,000
1 SM057916-01 IOWA FEDERATION/FAMILIES/CHILDREN'S MH Anamosa IA Reynolds Lori $70,000
1 SM057917-01 FAMILY SUPPORT NETWORK Billings MT Farrar Nancy $60,000
1 SM057919-01 ALASKA YOUTH FAMILY NETWORK Anchorage AK Purdy Frances $60,000
1 SM057920-01 HAWAII FAMILIES AS ALLIES Aiea HI Cooper Susan $70,000
1 SM057921-01 MINNESOTA ASSN/CHILDRENS'S MENTAL HEALTH St Paul MN Saxhaug Deborah $60,000
1 SM057922-01 INDIANA FDRTN/FMLS/CHLDRNS MENTAL HLTH Anderson IN Hamilton Brenda $60,000
1 SM057924-01 UNITED ADVOCATES FOR CHILDREN OF CALIF Sacramento CA Bither-Bradley Cindi $70,000
1 SM057925-01 NATIONAL ALLIANCE/MENTALLY ILL/MISSOURI Jefferson City MO Keele Cynthia $60,000
1 SM057927-01 PARENTS FOR BEHAVIORALLY DIFFERENT CHILD Albuquerque NM Brown Rena $60,000
1 SM057929-01 PARENT/PROFESSIONAL ADVOCACY LEAGUE Boston MA Gramm Carol $60,000
1 SM057930-01 KEYS FOR NETWORKING, INC. Topeka KS Adams Jane $60,000
1 SM057931-01 IDAHO FED OF FAMILIES/CHLDRNS MNTL HLTH Boise ID Lester Courtney $60,000
1 SM057956-01 ALABAMA FAMILY TIES, INC. Montgomery AL Thompson Sarah-Ellen $70,000
1 SM057959-01 FAMILIES UNITED/CHILDREN'S MENTAL HEALTH Colchester CT Hall Jill $70,000
1 SM057960-01 FEDERATION OF FAM OF PALM BEACH CNTY Rivera Beach FL Jenkins C. Veree $60,000
1 SM057967-01 GEORGIA PARENT SUPPORT NETWORK, INC. Atlanta GA Smith Sue $60,000
1 SM057968-01 FEDERATION OF FAMILIES OF SOUTH CAROLINA Columbia SC Flashnick Diane $60,000
1 SM057972-01 PARENT SUPPORT NETWORK OF RHODE ISLAND Johnston RI Ciano Cathy $70,000
1 SM057973-01 ALLIES WITH FAMILIES Salt Lake City UT Greenwell Karen $60,000
1 SM057974-01 KENTUCKY PARTNERSHIP FOR FAMILIES Frankfort KY Cecil Carol $70,000
1 SM057975-01 OKLAHOMA FED/FAMILIES/YOUTH & CHILD MH Washington OK Boehrer Susan $60,000
1 SM057976-01 WISCONSIN FAMILY TIES, INC. Madison WI Davis Hugh $70,000
1 SM057977-01 NORTH CAROLINA FAMILIES UNITED Jamestown NC Cormier Gail $60,000
1 SM057978-01 GUAM IDENTIFIES FAMILIES TERRIFIC STRGTH Hagatna GU Edgerle Mary-Therese $60,000
1 SM057980-01 TENNESSEE VOICES FOR CHILDREN Nashville TN Sweeney Millie $70,000
1 SM057981-01 THE QUESTION, INC. Pittsburgh PA Brocious Dianna $66,479
1 SM057983-01 GRANITE STATE FDN/FAMILIES/CHILDREN'S/MH Manchester NH Thomas Linda $69,520
1 SM057984-01 NJ ALLIANCE OF FAMILY SUPPORT ORG Medford NJ Penn Marlene $60,000
1 SM057985-01 LOUISIANA FEDERATION/FAMILIES/CHILD MH Baton Rouge LA Lewis-Boyd Verlyn $70,000
1 SM057989-01 STATEWIDE ACTION/FAM EMPWRMNT OF WA Spanaway WA King Patty $60,000

Last updated: 12/12/2007