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FY 2007 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Child Mental Health Supplement

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
3 SM054494-06-1 SAN FRANCISCO DEPT OF PUBLIC HEALTH San Francisco CA Chan-Sew Sai-Ling $100,000
3 SM057045-03-1 MAINE STATE DEPT/HEALTH/HUMAN SERVS Augusta ME Smyrski Joan $100,000
3 SM057057-03-1 BEAVER COUNTY OFFICE OF MH AND MR Beaver Falls PA Jaquette Nancy $100,000
3 SM054471-06-1 COLORADO STATE DEPT OF HUMAN SERVICES Denver CO Zundel Claudia $100,000
3 SM054497-06-1 FORT WORTH CITY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPT Fort Worth TX Reimer Daniel $75,758
3 SM054502-06-1 CONNECTICUT ST DEPT OF CHILDREN/FAMILIES Hartford CT Brereton Maria $99,999
3 SM056050-05-1 LOUISIANA STATE DEPT OF HLTH & HOSPITALS Baton Rouge LA Bowers-Stephens Cheryll $100,000
3 SM056055-05-1 CUYAHOGA COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Cleveland OH Dague Beth $100,000
3 SM056261-04-1 ERIE COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT Buffalo NY Black Marie $100,000
3 SM057010-03-1 TENNESSEE STATE DEPT OF MH/DEVEL DISAB Nashville TN Outlaw Freida $100,000
3 SM057011-03-1 CALIFORNIA RURAL INDIAN HEALTH BOARD Sacramento CA Johnson Carrie $100,000
3 SM057014-03-1 ARKANSAS STATE DEPT OF HLTH & HUMAN SVCS Little Rock AR Wells Anne $99,902
3 SM057015-03-1 ILLINOIS STATE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SRVCS Chicago IL Schroll Todd $100,000
3 SM057024-03-1 COUNTY OF HARRIS Houston TX Tremble Patty $100,000
3 SM057025-02-1 MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPT OF MTL HLTH Jackson MS Scafidi Brenda $98,547
3 SM057034-03-1 CENTRAL MINNESOTA MENTAL HEALTH CENTER St. Cloud MN Baraga David $100,000
3 SM057060-03-1 RHODE ISLAND STATE DEPT FOR CHILD/FAMILY Providence RI Anderson Janet $100,000
3 SM057063-03-1 HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Honolulu HI Brogan Mary $53,738

Last updated: 12/12/2007