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FY 2007 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Drug Free Communities Support Mentoring

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 SP014511-01 CAPE MAY COUNTY COUNCIL ALCOHOLISM & DA Wildwood NJ Mounce Kim $75,000
1 SP014514-01 COALITION/DRUG FREE GREATER CINCINNATI Cincinnati OH Haag Mary $75,000
1 SP014518-01 ASIAN MEDIA ACCESS Minneapolis MN Hwang Ange $75,000
1 SP014519-01 AGAINST ABUSE, INC. Casa Grande AZ Peoples Sally $75,000
1 SP014520-01 SUITLAND FAMILY LIFE/DEVELOPMENT CORP Lanhan MD Quinton Sylvia $75,000
1 SP014526-01 SAN DIEGUITO ALLIANCE FOR DRUG FREE YTH Del Mar CA Strang Judith $75,000
1 SP014529-01 COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH AFFILIATES, INC. Bristol CT LaRosa Joseph $75,000
1 SP014530-01 LUCAS COUNTY CMNTY PREVENTION PRTNRSHP Toledo OH Dzierzawski Deacon $75,000
1 SP014531-01 SUFFOLK COUNTY COALITION/PREVENT ALC/DRG Hauppauge NY Keller Barbara $75,000
1 SP014533-01 TROY COMMUNITY COALITION Troy MI Comiskey Ann $50,993
1 SP014534-01 CLACKAMAS COUNTY CHILDREN'S COMMISSION Oregon City OR Cook Rodney $75,000
1 SP014536-01 PARTNERS IN PREVENTION-ROCK COUNTY, INC. Janesville WI Baldwin Kate $74,998
1 SP014541-01 SUBSTANCE ABUSE INITIATIVE/GREATER CLE Cleveland OH McCain Richard $75,000
1 SP014544-01 IRVINE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Irvine CA Colocino Nancy $75,000
1 SP014545-01 SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY DRUG/ALC SERVICES San Luis Obispo CA Graber Star $75,000
1 SP014546-01 STUDENT ASSISTANCE SERVICES CORPORATION Tarrytown NY Bobe Cheryl $75,000
1 SP014548-01 PINAL HISPANIC COUNCIL Eloy AZ Varela Ralph $75,000
1 SP014553-01 PREVENTION LINKS Clark NJ Litterer Diane $75,000
1 SP014556-01 ONE VOICE FOR VOLUSIA Daytona Beach FL Garnett Carrie $68,379

Last updated: 12/12/2007