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FY 2007 SAMHSA Grant Awards

Access to Recovery

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director
Last Name
Program Director
First Name
1 TI019433-01 COLORADO STATE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Denver CO Pace Elizabeth $4,636,800
1 TI019437-01 HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Honolulu HI Yamamoto Keith $2,750,000
1 TI019438-01 CHEROKEE NATION OF OKLAHOMA Tahlequah OK Gastorf John $3,400,320
1 TI019445-01 DC DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Washington DC Nichols Charles $3,522,968
1 TI019449-01 INTER-TRIBAL COUNCIL OF MICHIGAN, INC. Sault Ste. Marie MI Haverkate Rick $3,898,518
1 TI019454-01 IOWA STATE DEPT OF PUBLIC HEALTH Des Moines IA Decker DeAnn $3,194,240
1 TI019455-01 RHODE ISLAND STATE DEPT MH, RETARD & HOS Providence RI Williams Charles $2,750,000
1 TI019460-01 OHIO STATE DEPT OF ALCHOL/DRUG ADD SRVS Columbus OH DeCamp Bradley $4,636,800
1 TI019484-01 ARIZONA STATE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Phoenix AZ Osborne Enid $2,750,000
1 TI019486-01 INDIANA FAMILY & SOCIAL SERVICES ADMIN Indianapolis IN Jenkins Terry $4,830,000
1 TI019494-01 OKLAHOMA DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH/SUBS ABUSE Oklahoma City OK White Terri $3,966,010
1 TI019495-01 MONTANA WYOMING TRIBAL LEADERS COUNCIL Billings MT Masis Kathleen $1,906,240
1 TI019496-01 SOUTHCENTRAL FOUNDATION Anchorage AK Christopher Deborah $1,650,000
1 TI019501-01 CALIFORNIA RURAL INDIAN HEALTH BOARD Sacramento CA O'Connor Vicki $4,830,000
1 TI019503-01 MISSOURI STATE DEPT OF MENTAL HEALTH Jefferson City MO Shields Mark $4,830,000
1 TI019504-01 NEW MEXICO STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Santa Fe NM Gurule Robert $4,830,000
1 TI019505-01 WASHINGTON STATE DEPT SOC/HLTH SERVICES Olympia WA Collins Vincent $4,636,800
1 TI019506-01 CONNECTICUT ST DEPT OF MH/ADDICTION SRVS Hartford CT DiLeo Paul $4,830,000
1 TI019508-01 TEXAS STATE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Austin TX Martinez McKay Mimi $4,508,000
1 TI019510-01 LOUISIANA STATE DEPT OF HLTH & HOSPITALS Baton Rouge LA Gradney Charlene $4,479,149
1 TI019511-01 CALIFORNIA STATE DEPT/ALC AND DRUG PROGS Sacramento CA Villegas Oscar $4,830,000
1 TI019512-01 WISCONSIN STATE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Madison WI Easterday John $4,830,000
1 TI019513-01 ILLINOIS STATE OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Chicago IL Taylor Theodora $4,636,800
1 TI019515-01 TENNESSEE STATE DEPT OF MH/DEVEL DISAB Nashville TN Outlaw Freida $4,830,000

Last updated: 12/12/2007