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FY 2011 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CMHS / SM-09-011
Grants for Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration (Short title: PBHCI)

Award # Grantee Organization Name City State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 SM059504-01 CATHOLIC CHARITIES OF SANTA CLARA COUNTY San Jose CA Mason Katherine $1,968,439
1 SM059518-01 COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES, INC. Akron OH Shontz Kim $1,911,454
1 SM059627-01 SOUTHCENTRAL FOUNDATION Anchorage AK Trenton Leonard $1,968,439
1 SM059668-01 CAPITAL AREA HUMAN SERVICES DISTRICT Baton Rouge LA Roques Jamie $1,968,439
1 SM059729-01 HIGHLINE WEST SEATTLE MENTAL HEALTH Seattle WA Johnson David $1,968,439
1 SM059735-01 HEALTH & HOSPITAL CORP OF MARION COUNTY Indianapolis IN Wilson Cynthia $1,908,912
1 SM059756-01 SAN FRANCISCO DEPT OF PUBLIC HEALTH San Francisco CA Rucker Toni $1,968,439
1 SM059762-01 NORFOLK COMMUNITY SERVICES BOARD Seattle VA Forte Bill $1,968,439

Last updated: 10/14/2011