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FY 2011 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CMHS / SM-11-008
Planning Grants for Expansion of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families (Short Title: System of Care Expansion Planning Grants)

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 SM060628-01 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH Washington DC Morilus-Black Marie $392,411
1 SM060630-01 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH Columbia SC DuBose Kennard $359,309
1 SM060632-01 PENNSYLVANIA STATE DEPT/PUBLIC WELFARE Harrisburg PA Mrozowski Stanley $796,148
1 SM060633-01 MA EXECUTIVE OFFICE/ HLTH /HUMAN/SERVS Boston MA Mikula Joan $500,000
1 SM060634-01 WASHINGTON STATE DEPART SOC/HLTH SRVS Olympia WA Parrish Andrea $800,000
1 SM060635-01 MARYLAND STATE DEPT OF HLTH/MENTAL HYG Catonsville MD Zachik Albert $596,852
1 SM060636-01 NH STATE DEPT/HLTH STATISTICS/DATA MGMT Concord NH Jensen Egon $300,029
1 SM060637-01 COLORADO DIVISION OF BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Denver CO Zundel Claudia $800,000
1 SM060640-01 CHEROKEE NATION Tahequah OK Boyd Misty $795,837
1 SM060644-01 REGION 3 BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES Eureka CA Nilsen Shelley $403,775
1 SM060647-01 MAINE STATE DEPT/HEALTH/HUMAN SERVS Augusta ME Smyrski Joan $799,652
1 SM060650-01 RHODE ISLAND STATE DEPT FOR CHILD/FAMILY Providence RI Stack Virginia $300,000
1 SM060651-01 PUEBLO OF SAN FELIPE San Felipe Pueblo NM Tenorio Esther $349,146
1 SM060652-01 WEST VIRGINIA STATE DEPT HLTH/HUMAN RSCS Charleston WV Payne Jackie $302,245
1 SM060654-01 INTER-TRIBAL COUNCIL OF MICHIGAN, INC. Sault Sainte Marie MI Lukfins L. $711,134
1 SM060655-01 FLORIDA STATE DEPT OF CHILDRN & FAMILIES Tallahassee FL Blades Laurie $799,401
1 SM060659-01 TEXAS STATE HLTH/HUMAN SRVS COMMISSION Austin TX Hammack Sherri $758,132
1 SM060662-01 ILLINOIS STATE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SRVCS Chicago IL Anderson Tanya $769,298
1 SM060664-01 GUAM DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH/SUBSTANCE ABUSE Tamuning GU Unpingco Annie $500,000
1 SM060667-01 HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Honolulu HI Michels Stanton $520,975
1 SM060670-01 VIRGINIA ST DEPT OF MH/MR/SUB ABUSE SRVS Richmond VA Fisher Pamela $586,718
1 SM060675-01 OHIO STATE DEPT OF MH AND MR Columbus OH Rietz Kay $772,095
1 SM060678-01 OKLAHOMA DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH/SUBS ABUSE Oklahoma City OK Williams Sheamekah $800,000
1 SM060682-01 CITY OF NEW ORLEANS New Orleans LA Gray Ernestine $300,000


Last updated: 10/14/2011