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FY 2011 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CSAT / TI-11-001
Enhancing Adult Drug Court Services, Coordination, and Treatment. This is a joint program with DOJ/BJA

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 TI023845-01 KENTUCKY STATE ADMINISTRATIVE OFF COURTS Frankfort KY Letton Lucy $325,000
1 TI023850-01 CITY OF JACKSONVILLE Jacksonville FL O'Brien Stacy $324,992
1 TI023854-01 MONTANA STATE SUPREME COURT Billings MT Stansbury Merianne $277,509
1 TI023861-01 MENTAL HLTH MNTL RETARDATION TARRANT CO Fort Worth TX Laughlin Julie $325,000
1 TI023863-01 MINNESOTA STATE SUPREME COURT St. Paul MN Pautsch Brenda $324,993
1 TI023865-01 LOS ANGELES COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPT Alhambra CA Dyer Linda $325,000
1 TI023866-01 KENTUCKY STATE ADMINISTRATIVE OFF COURTS Frankfort KY Swiney Rebecca $325,000
1 TI023869-01 SANTA CLARA COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT San Jose CA Cameron Amber $325,000
1 TI023875-01 CUYAHOGA COUNTY COMMON PLEAS COURT Cleveland OH Peterca Daniel $325,000
1 TI023880-01 COUNTY OF CHESTER West Chester PA Bowman Kim $324,524




Last updated: 10/14/2011