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FY 2012 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CMHS / SM-12-002
Statewide Consumer Network Grant

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 SM060744-01 SOUTH CAROLINA SHARE West Columbus SC Steadman Sandra $70,000
1 SM060745-01 KANSAS CONSUMER ADVISORY/ADULT MNTL HLTH Wichita KS Parker Gary $70,000
1 SM060746-01 MENTAL HEALTH EMPOWERMENT PROJECT, INC Albany NY Colesante Amy $68,223
1 SM060747-01 GRASSROOTS EMPOWERMENT PROJECT, INC. Madison WI Cisco Molly $69,992
1 SM060749-01 WINGS ACROSS ALABAMA Montgomery AL Hermes Robert $70,000
1 SM060751-01 ADVOCACY UNLIMITED, INC. Wethersfield CT Kangas Karen $70,000
1 SM060761-01 ALASKA PEER SUPPORT CONSORTIUM Anchorage AK Priest Robyn $69,902
1 SM060771-01 NATIONAL ALLIANCE/MENTALLY ILL/TEXAS Austin TX Peyson Robin $70,000
1 SM060772-01 AMISTAD, INC. Portland ME Blanchard Michael $68,700
1 SM060774-01 SOUTH DAKOTA UNITED FOR HOPE AND RECOVER Rapid City SD Constantine Jennifer $70,000
1 SM060775-01 FRESH START OF MIAMI-DADE, INC. Miami Gardens FL McQueen-Baker Sandra $70,000

Last updated: 10/09/2012