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FY 2012 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CMHS / SM-12-003
SOC Expansion Implementation Grants

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
1 SM061220-01 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH Washington DC Zahm Carol $999,640
1 SM061221-01 VIRGINIA ST DEPT OF MH/MR/SUB ABUSE SRVS Richmond VA Fisher Pamela $999,157
1 SM061224-01 OKLAHOMA DEPT OF MENTAL HLTH/SUBS ABUSE Oklahoma City OK Shipp Jacquelyn $1,000,000
1 SM061226-01 HAWAII STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Honolulu HI Michels Stanton $854,978
1 SM061228-01 PUEBLO OF SAN FELIPE San Felipe Pueblo NM Tenorio Esther $1,000,000
1 SM061231-01 MAINE STATE DEPT OF CORRECTIONS Augusta ME Stoodley Bartlett $998,233
1 SM061233-01 MONROE COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT Rochester NY Plum Kathleen $1,000,000
1 SM061234-01 RHODE ISLAND STATE DEPT FOR CHILD/FAMILY Providence RI Stack Virginia $1,000,000
1 SM061235-01 FLORIDA STATE DEPT OF CHILDRN & FAMILIES Tallahassee FL Beck Jackie $984,136
1 SM061237-01 WASHINGTON STATE DEPART SOC/HLTH SRVS Lacey WA Parrish Andrea $1,000,000
1 SM061241-01 COLORADO DIVISION OF BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Denver CO Zundel Claudia $1,000,000
1 SM061243-01 PASCUA YAQUI TRIBE Tucson AZ Howard Reuben $1,000,000
1 SM061245-01 HUMBOLDT CNTY DEPT OF HLTH/HUMAN SVC Eureka CA Nilsen Shelley $1,000,000
1 SM061247-01 TENNESSEE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Nashville TN Steckel Susan $1,000,000
1 SM061249-01 NH STATE DEPT/HLTH STATISTICS/DATA MGMT Concord NH Rollins Egon $999,837
1 SM061253-01 MARYLAND STATE DEPT OF HLTH/MENTAL HYG Catonsville MD Zachik Albert $999,998

Last updated: 10/09/2012