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FY 2012 SAMHSA Grant Awards

CSAP/CSAT / TI-12-010
RHT Supplement

Award Number Grantee Organization Name Grantee City Grantee State Program Director Last Name Program Director First Name Award Amount
3 SP014950-05-1 INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH AND RECOVERY Cambridge MA Dargon-Hart Susan $50,000
3 SP015018-05-1 PITTSBURGH AIDS TASK FORCE Pittsburgh PA Christen Charles $50,000
3 SP015029-05-1 HOPE ACTION CARE San Antonio TX Acuna Michael $50,000
3 SP015048-05-1 TAMPA-HILLSBOROUGH ACTION PLAN, INC. Tampa FL Emanuel Lolita $50,000
3 SP015117-05-1 NORTHERN OHIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATION, INC. Cleveland OH Bertrand Anita $50,000
3 SP016406-03-1 SERVING CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS IN NEED Laredo TX Craddock Christopher $50,000
3 SP016419-03-1 DETROIT RECOVERY PROJECT, INC. Detroit MI Johnson Andre $50,000
3 SP016428-03-1 WILLIAM F. RYAN COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER New York NY Barrett Fay $50,000
3 SP016429-03-1 METROPOLITAN CHARITIES, INC. St. Petersburg FL Freeman Tonicia $50,000
3 SP016434-03-1 WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY Dayton OH Williams Carlton $49,999
3 SP016444-03-1 SUNY DOWNSTATE MEDICAL CENTER Albany NY DeHovitz Jack $50,000
3 SP016463-03-1 SOUTHERN ARIZONA AIDS FOUNDATION Tucson AZ Ortega Luis $50,000
3 SP017297-03-1 VILLAGE SOUTH, INC. Miami FL Stark Anslie $43,494
3 SP017315-03-1 SAN ANTONIO FIGHTING BACK, INC. San Antonio TX Tippins Linda $50,000
3 SP017349-03-2 BASIC NWFL, INC. Panama City FL Albert Cynthia $22,544
3 SP017390-03-1 AIDS RESOURCE CENTER OF WISCONSIN Milwaukee WI Stokes Scott $44,209
3 SP018065-03-1 AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES, INC. Los Angeles CA Wagner Vallerie $50,000
3 SP018127-03-1 VISTA COMMUNITY CLINIC Vista CA Sanudo Fernando $50,000
3 SP018135-03-1 BRONX AIDS SERVICES, INC. Bronx NY Cauthen Brad $50,000
3 TI019722-04-1 RECOVERY CONSULTANTS OF ATLANTA, INC. Decatur GA Collins Cassandra $50,000
3 TI019890-05-1 COMMUNITY EDUCATION GROUP, INC. Washington DC Young Toni $49,360

Last updated: 10/09/2012